Going back to Cali, Cali, Cali……

Paul and Paula
Paula and Paul Menconi
The beautiful thing about cruising is the sense of community it builds, connected by the shared experiences of living on the water.

Trevor and I left Seattle to head south on March 1st to go live on our new floating home in Ventura California.  Carl Menconi, a long time friend and hopeful future crew mate, connected us with his brother and sister-in-law, Paul and Paula, who had spent 3 years cruising Mexico between 2003-2006.  They generously invited us to stop by their home in Los Osos, CA on our way down to Ventura to share their experiences and resources.  We of course, excited to gain any knowledge of cruising, accepted.

We visited them again a few weeks after we settled into the boat, even though they themselves were planning a very extensive trip to Europe but were gracious enough to make time for us.  We loved hearing about their stories of engine issues, boat preparation, being crew for other boats, and many more tips (Paula, you will be glad to know we sleep in 100% cotton now).

Thank you Paul and Paula for all the insight and gear.  We will always think of you with our new cockpit light and I absolutely love the chairs!

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