Road Trip # 1 – San Deigo

San Deigo
Sun, sand, and smiles
San Diego
The crew

Trevor and Pelican_San Deigo
“Are you talking to me?”

Perfect timing or what?!!!!  Rachael and Chris McBride just happened to be in San Diego on March 20th.  Rachael and I went through the Master’s program at the UW and we were in the same study group which meant long hours in the library and many drinks of celebration! Rachael and Chris were visiting family so we thought we would drive a short 3-4 hours south and have a meal and drinks with them…because why not!

This was also a business trip, however, non-deductible.  The water maker we wanted to install on the boat just happens to be in San Diego too.  The water maker has the capacity to desalinize 30 gallons per hour straight into our fresh water tank.  We stopped by to pick  it up so we didn’t have to pay sales tax (shhhh) and didn’t need to worry about shipping costs.  This was a good thing as the total system weighs more than 150 lbs.  So we stopped off at Rick’s (Owner of Cruise RO Water) house in El Escondido before we picked up Rachel and Chris.

Downtown San Diego was cute.  We started with some bacon bloody marys and mimosas.  We took a short drive to the beach and did some major people watching.  To get a little relief from the sun, we ducked into a great local bar…a few beers and great conversation, we decided it was time for dinner.  We set out to walk the pier and watch some surfers on our way to a fancy dinner because either go big or go home! While we watched the sunset, Trevor and I shared a 40 ounce steak (bone was included…hahaha).  All in all, it was a great trip and was so good to see familiar faces in California.



  1. Maybe we could do the same thing with you and “LA” before you go! Venice Beach? Malibu? Have you done Hollywood?

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