Our first guests – Lisa and Jake

Lisa and Kimi
Big sis and Little sis


Lisa and Jake
Lisa and Jake – all smiles
Our first guest aboard Slow Flight were my little sister and her main squeeze, Jake.  Needless to say, Trevor and I were SUPER excited to have guests and share our new home since we are far away from friends and family.  Lisa and Jake arrived on March 27th.  On the agenda was a round of golf (Jake only,  since the courses wouldn’t approve Trevor throwing balls instead of using clubs), eating as much seafood as possible, and of course hanging out on the boat soaking up as much sea air and sun as possible (there may have been some Jack Daniels involved as well).  As a bonus, we watched some serious wind surfers during our walk on the Ventura Promenade….these guys were incredible (wind was blowing at least 30 knots with gusts up to maybe 40 knots)!!!!

Their stay was short but we loved every moment. We hope to connect with them again while we are in Mexico…my fingers are crossed.  We love and miss you Lisa and Jake and thank you again for the Kindle…we LOVE it!


    1. I can’t wait either….it was such a treat to have you both on board. So many more memories to make with you all, maybe South Pacific?

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