On the hard and off…

Today we left the yard!  The shortest time in the yard we have ever encountered, 3 days.  Friday afternoon to Monday morning.  Excersized 16 throug hull valves, touched up the bottom paint, zinks replaced, prop and shaft was zinc coated, added a sea strainer for the water maker, excetra, excetra….Good weekend!

Ahead we have to finalize the water maker installation and verify we didn’t mess up. There are 40 pages of instruction and I lost focus about 30 pages in. Kimi was there to manage the project and I think that means ultimately the manager is responsible for a projects success or failure. The engine and transmission will be separated so we can replace the rear main seal on the engine block.  We are hiring a mechanic to work on this big task but he is also having me help. I Hope I will be a help and not a hinderance. The canvas enclosure is still in the started but not complete stage.  We hope to supply a pic of the new enclosure soon. There are many more sticky notes covering the flat spaces of our interior, there will always be.  “A home is never done” 


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