Wine into water?….Not really

H2O maker 1
Custom Front Panel
H2O maker 3
Behind front panel on custom self for the high pressure pump
H2O maker 4
High pressure filters that desalinizes the sea water
H2O maker 2
Pre-filters and one of the sea strainers before the water goes through the high pressure pump/filters

After our trip to San Diego to visit with Rachael and Chris, we installed the Cruise RO Water maker into our boat.  Now I had no idea what an install of a system like this would entail, just that I liked the idea of being able to produce our own fresh water when we needed to.  Well…..needless to say, it is very involved.  Our electrician guy told Trevor when he comes back to the states he could have a job with him (good to know John, thanks)  : )


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