It’s like camping…

Today we had the adventure of seeing our life raft “in action” on the concrete in a warehouse full of other life rafts. The list of goodies it contains is bountiful.  From water to food cakes and paddles (Mike, our tour guide tells Kimi they are used to knock out the panicking sissy who is in this thing with you) Sea sickness pills (also … Mike tells Kimi that she can give me two and send me to sleep) A sea anchor plus another if needed. The list goes on and on because ours is a commercial grade Switlik. Top of the line and the most expensive for recertification… There’s more to the story but do to some legalities, I am not at liberty to give you “the rest of the story”


  1. Oooh, very Cloak & Dagger. But if you are going to get the top of the line in something, Life Raft should be at or near the top of the list of deserving needs!

    1. I’m somebody that likes to take a more challenging path and if we make it to easy to get views (word placement) then we may get complacent. No body wants that. It’s like stopping a molecule.

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