Meet Spock, rasta style

Anchor Chain Anchor Chain Rasta style

Mentioned in a previous post, we named our anchor “Spock” who is a 73 lb Roccna 

Spock is attached to 300 ft. of galvanized BBB American made chain.  One of our tasks was to inspect the chain for defects before we deploy him.  While we had the chain out, we wanted to make sure the chain was marked for depths so we can tell how much chain to let out relative to our depth.  There is a general rule for the scope of chain to depth which is about 5:1 in relative calm seas.  So we made up a system: Green is the first 100 ft of chain, Yellow is the 100-200 ft of chain, and Red is the last 100 feet.  Well it’s not an exact science and thank goodness since we mis- judged on the initially measurement of the chain (opps)….at least we aren’t too far off.  Lesson learned, measure twice, spray paint once…..


    1. We used the dock as a means to measure and not all the concrete panels are 10′. 2 are 8′ so we are about 24′ off in 300 feet. Not a big deal for an anchore.

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