Mast 1
New fashion statement, aka Bosen Chair

Mast 4
Fixing mizzen mast deck light

Mast 3
Just because I can
Here, I hoisted Trevor up to change out an old deck light on our mizzen mast (this is the shorter of the 2 masts) to a more energy efficient LED light.  This was supposed to be a 15-30 minute fix, BUT…….as every boat project seems to be, it took much longer than expected.  To summarize, the wire for the old light was wired opposite and to figure this out, we needed to isolate the wire which meant to take apart the helm station where the light switch is at.  From the helm, we had to trace the wire to the electrical panel and back up the mast to confirm.  It works great now!


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  1. That chair lift looks cool! It isn’t just on a boat that tasks take much longer than expected. (at least for me)

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