Snap crackle and pop?

While sitting at anchore in the Channel Islands and once the wind died off Kimi went crazy, or so she thought.  It was passed midnight and the boat was almost silent. Kimi was still milling about and starting to think about sleep. Passing off the worries of the anchore not holding she turned her attention to the sound of rice crispy’s  in chilled organic milk. Not at the table.not in the cockpit. Not in a bowl. The sound was every where on the hull.  She lifted all the floor boards and stuck her ear in to attempt to identify the sound. As worry was building with every idea that the sound may be identified as she searched more.  Finally after 45 minutes her need for sleep was to much and no worry was to keep her from it any more.

The next day we took off for home with Kimi still in a daze and there was no discussion of her visit from Snap Crackle and Pop until the evening.  We hunted together.  It was a game of nineteen  questions and one or two ideas none of them satisfying.  It was time to ask others.

The next day we had our second round of guests to Slow Flight, Jan.  (The CPA and “second Mom to Kimi” my words..) It was evening again and the sun had set. The sound was less but still could be heard.  The discussion of “the sounds” came up and we went round and round.  Electrolysis? Was it the fiberglass? Was it aliens? Etc?  Once again no answer was able to satisfy.

The next day Kimi and Jan went to go shopping and I went to get parts for my projects.  On my way back I stopped off at the marina office to figure out “other things” and happened to run into Bill our boat neighbor and thought to my self… He has been around boats for over 40 years, he might know about that sound? Maybe?  Asking the question I saw a smile come across his face and I am sure a puzzling look on my face when he said… It’s Popcorn shrimp! Now for those of you that know me you may understand the look on my face as one you have had when a puzzling answer comes out of my mouth and you think to your self… Is he real or just pulling my leg?  I had that kind of look.  Really, I responded…. Yup seasonal around these parts.

I had to text Kimi.  She also thought I was pulling her leg.  It added up though, and that afternoon when we three (Kimi,Jan and I) reconvened we were able to use the google box to verify it is a type of shrimp that makes a popping noise that are about an inch long. So not electrolysis, not the boat falling apart but aliens from below.  A new creature for us to explore that I hope are much more tasty than Rice Crispy’s.  Except for when mixed with melted butter and marshmallows.

Here is the link we found to confirm : )

Shrimp – Snap, Crackle and Pop


    1. SV/ slow flight is your biggest grand daughter and I can only imagine will always be your biggest. This one can drive her self almost but in Janthanie’s defense, there are no ditches in the ocean.

  1. I had a great time staying with you guys! And Slow Flight is so roomy compared to the old boat. And pretty, too. Hanging out in the cabin was totally relaxing for the three of us (although I realize I always got the best seat at the table). It’s really light and airy thanks to the big windows. I got to prepare one dinner in the galley, which is well laid-out and also out of the way, with a double sink and a cooktop and enough counter and storage space for Trevor to be able to prepare nice meals. And of course there’s the grill off the stern – you can’t cruise without one of those. We had a big mound of guacamole every day, thanks to, what was it, about 50 avocados from Diana’s tree? For the first time in my life, I felt like I’d had enough guac, LOL. Anyway, it was a treat to see where you’ll be living for the next year or so – here’s to grand adventures ahead!

  2. Good mystery, and well solved. One question: are these the same shrimp sent to restaurants to make “Popcorn Shrimp?” I always thought Bay Shrimp were used for that.

    1. Bay shrimp are used for that and I am still not sure if I would try to eat one. There tail is about the meat size as a bay shrimp

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