“Now we’re cooking with Crisco”

So we’re not cooking with Crisco but… I have a new liking to using coconut oil. the old range is out and the new to us range is in.

There once was an original Princess electric range that lived a long and adventurous life.  She was made/born in  California originally but she quickly found a new home in a beautifull new sailboat in Florida. The year was 1978 and it was not easy being a “Princess”in the oil crunch years (darn OPEC!)You see this princess was all electric and got her power from an all powerful ONAN deisel generator. Soon after the princess was installed she found her self adventuring to the Floorida Keys, the Bahamas and the Caribbean islands Cooking all sorts of seafood and pastries. Next to the Panama Canal and north to Her birth place, San Deigo and the preparation for the Hawaii Islands trip.  After a short stay in Honolulu it was time to come “home” again to San Deigo.  Along the way in the princesses adventure there were some new Knobs, coils, racks and such that were just chalked up to general mantanance, things any princess of her caliber would need just to keep up her appearance.

Today there is a new king and I just replaced the princess. ( the Queen wanted her gone too) Our New princess is less ridgid and by this I mean she is gimbaled and swings with the ocean waves ( in theory). Still electric and slave to the all powerful ONAN, she knows her place and its in the galley.  When unpinned she swing joyfully like a newly painted recking ball aimed at a tall glass tower (in theory).

Bake, broil and the burners are in tiptop working order and there are even a few shiny spots.

The ability to brown on the stove and in the oven is now!

The old Princess is in the back of the Subaru and her fate is unknown.  Please feel free to add in your comments where the old princess should go.  Currently I was thinking she would be sent off with the car.

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  1. Do you remember (or did you ever see) the TV garden located between Fremont’s Library and the StillLife Cafe? I suggest you start something like that in Ventura with the Princess. PS: I love the new stove! Long may it bring your bellies joy!!

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