We Bob to and fro…..

Here in the Chanel islands under rock faced cliffs with holes some caves some just holes, we bob in an unprotected bay.  Arriving  yesterday after an early morning start from Ventura and after 6 hours of motor sailing we found our spot. We double anchored for the first time and then did it for the second time just a bit further from the rock face.  We are at Santa Cruz Island. A majority of the island is part of the land holdings of the Nature Conservancy with just a sliver of it being national park  and for us to go ashore we need a permit (Kimi paid the $30 and we got one before we left).   The islands are home to planets and creatures not found in other lands and because of this my theme for this trip that plays in my head is “what does the fox say” ( thanks Theo).  There is a small Island fox that lives well out here.  Now I will need to do research to find a plant that has a song that can replace the Ding…ding…ding…. In my head.  We followed our dock niebors out here and last night we had them over for dinner ( with there DOG…woof). Our first on the hook Dinner with guests.  With the generator running I made a pasta dish that went over well and as “good” boaters do, we put away some wine. It was a good night and in the morning I stuck my head out the hatch, with a smile I say to my self… I see dog hair….

Today is a dingy tour of painted cave and Kimi is going diving with our boat friends.  Maybe Dog and I can hang out?

I think this might be snap crackle and pop all washed up on the beach ?
an odd find on the beach


  1. Trevor – hair of the dog? or just Dog hair? BTW that rose probably has a story to tell, if you only knew. Glad you are having fun.

    1. Maybe to much of both. Pulling the stern anchor and raising the dingy with a pounding head is no fun. Most of what we see hear and smell has a story to tell. If only my fingers were quicker with this typing thing…. More tyme and practice…

  2. Have you looked for, found, any cool shells that have washed ashore. I know circumstances have to be right, but I have long loved shell hunting!

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