Son of a son of a sailor

It is just past Father’s Day and it has reminded me of Family.  I have posted this on Facebook but I find the need to reminisce and help clarify who I am a bit more.  

Grandpa was a deisel mechanic after being a logger,  Challenges were always a part of life.  I think ,this in part was what led to his desire to get a Boat.  It was at an Insurance auction and was in a bad fire.  I can’t remember the size but I do know it was a Morgan. It was in there yard at the house and Grandpa would tinker away at it when he could.  In current stories, talking with my dad, he tells me how Grandma finally had to put her foot down on the spending money for this boat that was grandpas “mistress”.  I remember watching a few hours of the Americas cup on TV with him,  The satallite dish in the yard had to be pointing in the right direction and required adjusting some times. Dreams were big But they took that boat to Alaska and back.  They did it. 

When Kimi and I found Slow Flight, I knew this Morgan was for us.  Me in the pic on the bow was that moment.  I am working on becoming a better diesel mechanic and yes there are times that Kimi feels that this boat is the mistress. 

Back to the tittle.  My dad and his dad love sailing.  None of us would claim to be racers or even qualified to teach any one how to sail.  We have watched others, we have felt the wind in the sails of our own vessels.  We can get from one place to another  on a sailboat  but probably not in a timely fashion.  Grandpa is gone, My dad will join us here and there on our Journys  I hope.  In the times I curse at the engine I also see my grandpa proud of me for trying, and doing.  I also hear that pride from my dad and it drives me.

This is my shout out to Family.  Thank you.  You all give me Drive 

Note.  There are a bunch of Donnellys in the San Diego area.  I bout a generator from one today.

Note. We had no Jimmy Buffet on the boat, but a few days ago I downloaded the favorites.

Note.  We still do not have the movie Captain Ron. I am working on that.


  1. Cool pic, and great rememberances. Grandpa Donnelly was a great character. Before G-Pa had his Morgan, I think he had a Reinell or Bayliner Buchaneer. It was a tub but it floated, but his first. Not very seaworthy as I remember. It finally went away, and I think before his Morgan came home, but not sure. Check with your dad on that one. Also, check with your dad on the photo. I think that is him and not you. Also, remember your G-Pa Wetmore who made his living working for himself in his cabinet shop, making furniture when I was little, and then cabinets, etc. for commercial establishments. Your sister still has the big green truck he made for you for your 5th Christmas. G-Pa Wetmore was very like you, brilliant, and self-educated, but better off self-employed. Patient, good with people, but not as good as you. He would also be proud of you, as am I. So yes, apples don’t fall far from the tree, either branch in this family. Happy Fathers Day.

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