San Diego – Todd

Todd our San Diego neighbor
Todd our San Diego neighbor

Have to make a shout out to Todd (and his cat “Gumbo” who was a rescue from Hurricane Katrina), our San Diego neighbor at Sun Harbor Marina…..truly a “one of kind” guy!

Todd welcomed us when we docked…he actually hear our anchor hit the dock piling (that was my fault).  We immediately connected as we exchanged our plans to head to Mexico and his knowledge of heading South.

An ex-CHP, movie star, and medic to name only a few of Todd’s skill sets….not to mention just an awesome guy all around.  We shared Taco Tuesday at Mitch’s Seafood restaurant, even made brownies for us (thanks Diana for the baking support), but mostly Todd kept Trevor out of trouble while I was in North Carolina visiting family.

Todd, we will miss you and Gumbo and thank you for all the advice! (Captain “Crunch” especially)!


    1. I don’t think there was any sound that made a crunch. And there was no proof, damage or sight that anything happened. That’s not a good “story” though….

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