MEXICO, we are next to you!

Leaving San Diego bay at 8:45 after the sun went down was challenging.   I think scary is another word that could be used too. Looking aft at the safe harbor we were leaving, it was bright from all the lights on shore and I could see obstacles on the water. Looking forward, all was dark except the map screen.  It was a very large step to leave California for Kimi and I, and there is no turning back.  With just a sliver of moon to light our way we were relying on radar, Electronic mapping and gps to guide us out of the harbor and down the coast 60 miles to our fist Mexico destination of Ensenada. After Kimi set the main and mizzen sails she took first watch till midnight and I slept about an hour.  5 knots of intermittent wind and 3 to 6 foot swells on our Beam, it was a fairly smooth ride. Woke to the black dotted line hi- five,  my watch from midnight to 3 am was no different and Kimi was able to sleep 2 of her 3 hours. 4 hours sleep for me as Kimi took the last watch of the night and at 8:30 we pulled into our slip (on e dock again).

The Border
The Border.  It was crazy to see this while we were sailing….it was very pronounced.

Checking in to our first country on the boat took 4 hours as expected and was only made difficult from the other Americans that were needing there process of checking out to move faster. So impatient they were, as I was just a few weeks ago. Apparently the process of checking in and out of Mexico has changed recently and they rely more on the computer system that is not as robust as it needs to be…. In other words the system crashed a few times while we were there.

Ensenada Check in 2 Ensenada Check in 1

Our time in San Diego was good and I should have posted about our Generator install and the people we met and made friends with and Kimi’s adventure to North Carolina but what will be another post.

We are in Mexico! Saturday now and we are rested up.  Our Spanish for cruisers book in hand it is time to go to town…. As soon as Kimi gets up… And has coffee…. Ok now I’m in a hurry again….

Ensenada Coral Marina
Ensenada Coral Marina from the boat, the big pink building.



  1. GLAD you are there.Someone crashed into the gate again at Montreal ..It is a mess no one was hurt .I hope this gets to you! We love you and are thinking of you instead of watching TV!LOL Safe travels!

    1. OMG…This is not good news! Glad no one was hurt and we hope you all enjoy the Fourth of July parade tomorrow!. Love you lots

  2. You have to be very careful when choosing a book about Spanish for Cruising. Sometimes a ride is more than a ride.

    Enjoy Mexico!!!!

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