Ensenada to isla San Martin and San Quintin 

We made another friend in Ensenada that we had over for drinks. Michael is a retired x-pat that is delivery crew on occasion and had some good insight into where we were headed.  Michael is a live aboard on a spectacular wooden hull sloop rig.  The woodwork was to die for we enjoyed exchanging thoughts on boats, adventures, and life in general on E dock in Ensenada! Michael, we made it safely and Thank You for all the great tips (drink bottled beer and not canned beer due to the possibility local dogs “relieve” them selves on the stored beer cans in the alley near the stores, anchor spots, and most of all the great stories of your adventures in Mexico)!

Leaving the fuel dock in Ensenada on July Fourth, we scared the fuel attendant when we went in reverse into the wind ( at 3/4 throttle and yes I could here Todd, our boat neighbor in San Diego, in my head saying “go slow”)and turned the boat in a 180 degree pivot.  Missing 2 concrete piling so by about 30 feet with the bow.  It was how I envisioned it but not with the stress that came from the possabillity of it not working out.

Just an over nighter to Isla San Martin ( yes Blake I thought how your daughter could be named after an Island because no man is an island) and a very rocky anchorage…40 degrees to and fro …. For an afternoon,evening and night.  Trevor prepared and cooked the meals for our next passage that we expected to last about 2 days.  It was so rolly in the anchorage at Isla San Martin that the rice cooker fell over….to say the least, lesson learned…always have a non-skid pad underneath.

In the morning we were ready to go another 7 miles to the peaceful harbor of San Quintin. For an afternoon of rest.

We got the spinnaker up with a bit of reading and found it to work well with the wind just off our back side… However we had no idea if we had a traditional spinnaker or an asymetrical spinnaker and there is a difference  as to how you rig the spinnaker. We lucked out and our asymetrical spinnaker fly beautifully!

We have seen a gray whale, a sea turtle, many Dolphins (one juvenile came so close to the side of our boat when Trevor was setting our spinnaker it scared him), and even a squid jumped onto our boat in the middle of the night. We have yet to catch a fish but Trevor is working on it. ; )


  1. Read both of your posts last night and you still have Mom thinking how proud she is of both of you. Most of us live all of our lives with big dreams that sustain us. However very few of us have ever had the courage and foresight to actually act on and live our dreams, and that is what you both are doing. Most of us, even if we have the funds to do so, wait far to long to even try. Stay safe – you are living the dreams of so many of us cowards out there.

  2. so we are just same ole same ole…and you are living your dream…Amazing you two..Kimi your dad needs your entire number in order for you to receive your refund back from the chair. He took it back today and left it. They could not give you the refund sort to say! Bo bet you are seeing lovely sun sets…. Yes? we finally have begun getting rain after we called the man to pressure wash and stain our decks…LOL…we even had some hail! Guess you have heard about the sad shootings once again in this country… It is amazing how a few sick minds can cause such concern and havoc…but many are calling together more than ever while others are making it a cause for more violence…Enjoy the Peace you have! please let us know your #..Peace and Love, Barbara

  3. love from your dad Kimi Paul… apparently something isn’t working right on his computer.. I saw a FB page from Trevor ..can he send the number confidently….Your dad said you can call out…”Low waves and calm sea”, Love Dad.

  4. You guys are amazing! Love seeing the pics! Miss you and am rethinking the push pins on the world map as it is making lots of tiny holes and only millimeters from the last pin hole! Love the idea of this blog in order to follow you! Excited to answer the next call from Mexico that is not someone trying to steal my identity! Kari has 6 nights under her belt with no abdominal pain! Yeah! Still eating carrots and oatmeal but growing nicely! School starts on Aug 1 and I am very excited to move onto the next chapter… 5th grade! Hugs to you both! Love the Shabazz Family!!

    1. Trevor here and I to am on an oatmeal diet….. I was thinking I should make some oatmeal cookies….. Carrots are difficult to keep on the boat as they wilt even in the fridge….holes in the wall can be fixed with tooth paste and the music selection we got from your man is off the charts…. Annie the movie with Jamie fox sound track has me singing the sun will come out tomorrow…. And arrest and development is a band? I thought it was just a tv show…

  5. Omg! I too thought someone was calling to steal my identity. I’m sad I didn’t pick up your phone call from Mexico.

    I am loving following this blog and seeing all the pictures of the amazing adventures you are having. The food and wine look incredible. Also, love the Home Depot picture!

    I’m here in Las Vegas with a friend for an early bday celebration. No kids, no husband, no current responsibility which is why I’m in bed waiting for room service to bring me breakfast. 🙂

    Call again! Miss you guys.

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