La Paz is hard to leave

We have now been in La Paz for 5 days and have yet to post to the blog. There was a technical glitch earlier this week that deleted a post that I wanted to get posted. There are the people that “ate us up they loved us so”.  Visiting with other cruzers at morning coffee from 9:30-10:30 each day and shopping for parts for Polly the Perkins and getting other opinions on what to do with the engine, the outboard and the rest of our life , it is time consuming.  Having tacos at this restaurant,the taco cart here and over there and almost everywhere , it has been a “wild Rumpus” like the island Max sailed to in his dreams in the book where the wild things are”.  We found a back up starter for Polly and have restalked the fridge, cleaned the boat and are about ready to push off to the Park islands north of us for some rest from the “city”, some swimming and what ever else comes our way.  The La Paz story will be composed while on the hook in a beautiful anchorage as there are to many distractions tied to the dock…. We still have 4 hours till we push off …. More Rumpusing to do!!! I would assume my dinner will be waiting for me when I find the bottom with my anchor tonight.  


    1. We just made reservations for a rental car here in Mexico and plan to drive up the Baja and into WA. The trip should take 4-5 days. We leave Baja on September 2 so we should be in the Seattle area by 6-7th. We plan to be in the area until the 14th of September to head back down to Mexico, earlier if a hurricane is in an approach….When will you be in Seattle?

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