Still here in La Paz…

Don’t tell any one…. But we are planning our escape.   

Kimi and I have about a month before our next arranged point in life so I think it is time to go explore what is “not here” in La Paz.  We have looked at the map and discussed what we would like to see and have done some provisioning of more parts and pieces and a bit of food.  Left on the agenda is a really nice dinner, some more provisioning I’m sure, diesel  and an  SSB ( it’s a radio that will send and receive voice and maybe data long distances) one on one with a guy that knows how to use it.  The boat is ready for a month of roughing it (knock on wood).  Kimi and I are ready to get out there.  La Paz is a trap with all the rights bait.  Leaving is an excellent excersize for us as I can only assume there are many destinations we will find to be just as challenging to leave as this one and some even harder to leave.  We strive to find these bold new to us worlds ( We could rename the boat the  S/S Enterprize) 

Yes I do dress like a tourist and I will until I speak the language better.

Best tacos in the wirld…. so far…
Kimi thought it a good idea to order a whole fish….
This tree is in the road…. been there a wile to….
Still not blending in…. but its off season
Kimi has yet to bring home a dog

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  1. Hey Guys,
    wanted you to know my schedule for the month of September. I work the night of 9/2,3,6,7,8,12,14,15,18,23,24. If you think you all might be coming during a particular week, I may be able to switch a few days around to accommodate (weekends are hard to get off though). Let me know. Love the pics of Trevor but would like to see some of Kimi-san. Hugs to you both!

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