It’s been 5 weeks since my last confession.

In Puerto Escondito we have left the boat to drive up to the states.  The 4 day drive through 5 check points in Mexico and then the boarder crossing was just as interesting as the scenery along the way. Sitting at the dinning room table at Kimis moms house we found out that “Flo” our boat made it through a Catagory 1 hurricane with out breaking loose from her mouring ball.  We had preped her for a storm by removing all the sails, securing the solar panels with rope and stowing anything that would not hold up to a 70 knot breeze….  It’s nice to know she can handle a bit of wind… And that we had  something  left in our luck bucket.  

I have been filling up the rental car with parts and pieces for Flo.  A new hydrolic pump for the auto pilot Lincoln, fuel filters, bottom paint, generator shop manuals and additional parts, fuel censers and a ton of etc….I’m not looking forward to getting searched on the way back.  Kimi is trying to get some of her required training for her CPA license done when we are in the states.  This gives me time to drive around and see the sites and a few people to.  

We just got back from “Girls Wine Weekend” in Yakima.  I had negotiated my inclusion in to the sorority for I was the bringer of Kimi (from Mexico) and agreeable to driving while the girls “taste wine”.  With the use of a beautifully maintained 100 year old home in Yakima Proper, we were able to visit 6 wineries from 11:30 to 5 ish…. The last winery had 16 tastings but the girls powered through.   ( there was talk of a disclaimer for me to sign but they forgot to bring a copy) Thank you Wayne for the hospitality. Now we have 8 bottles of wine to bring back… OOO now 7.

The “wall” at the border
searching our car
Don’t forget gas!
Highway 1 in Baja
6 pinatas as gifts
Thank you Wayne


    1. That skinny guy is now 14 days into a vacation from vacation and will need to work on finding that guy in the picture all over again.

  1. Where art thou now? Hope you had a great trip and perhaps still! Did the second Hurricane/typhoon miss Slow Flight we pray? We’re still existing in the Carolina’s although this state is turning so red Canada is looking a whole lot better. God save the queen (at least they have a woman in charge). Papa Paul

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