Screech…  (the sound of water breaks)

At the bottom of the rudder there is a bronze heel. This heel, a few bronze screws and a nonexistent nylon washes have been on my mind.  In the “just right” sea state that rocks me to sleep you can hear a faint wobbling thud.  I think the nylon washer is intended to prevent this noise.  That, now is the reason we are changing corse or at least one of a few. 

I have a tendency to look at things a bit in reverse, …or 10 steps ahead. Fill in the gaps once your headed in the “right now” direction is how i can best describe it.  (Jump 10 steps) I want to go to the south pacific in march -april and to do so we need to get some projects off the todo list, or start filling in the gaps.

Hauling out in san carlos to pull the rudder off the boat, fill the void in the Skeg that holds the rudder in place, find or make a new nylon washer and put the hole thing back together. Sounds fun … Right? I think its understandable to want to put this off.  But Time has made its self available giving to the day of the dead in La Paz.  The decision to be done with the Baja was a quick change of plans that is almost solidified.  Currently the boat yard has us scheduled to go “on the hard” Monday the 24th but I will work to get out of the water Wednesday or Thursday.  Until then, the oil cooler on Polly the perkins and the hydrolic steering pump that runs the auto pilot Lincoln is about to be retired for a “smart pump” by Garmin that will complete the full refit of the autopilot.  I am not familiar with how to do any of these projects so wish me luck….    

Just a day in the life…. Laundry, Fishing,and getting closer to old

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