Out We Go- Trailer style

Today we come out of the water on a trailer for the first time.  Im mot sure how our boat will do on a trailer but I will include pics of the process when I put this post up.  Its 7 am and i am drinking my coffee and contemplating the day ahead.
Here is my list of things to do today

Pull dingy up on davits

Put outboard motor on the rail

Don’t panic about boat on trailer

Read instructions on barrier coat paint to understand cure time and recoat time to have a better understanding of boat yard schedule.

Don’t forget to ask the yard to pressure wash the boat

Eat breakfast

Don’t panic

Drill hole in boat to allow water to drain out of the skeg once in yard

Don’t panic about drilling a hole in the boat

Add more to the list of things to do

Drive the boat to the boat ramp where there will be at least 4 cruiser friends to catch lines( they volunteered ). Yes it should be an easy landing on the dock next to the boat ramp but now you have at least 4 friends to see me f…. up the landing…. dont f.. up….

Don’t panic

Figure out why i feel like i should panic (as I put my thoughts together i was hoping the panic would ease….. not working)

Think positive

Take pics to post …. of a “good enough” landing and haul out”

ETC….Because there is going to be more

Its a small list but as you can see there are a few hurdles

Some of our “Village” people


  1. Ah..the right of passage-well the experience of seeing your boat go off on a trailer down the road! Enjoy San Carlos and the continual boat projects-all part of the ride! Sounds like you are having a great time.

    Paula and Paul

  2. Hola ,Miss Slow Flight she looks good even out of the water.May the repairs be easy and cheap so she can be returned to her real love, The Sea. dad

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