Is it there yet?

Our supplies are not where there suposto be and so we will wait for them as we were already doing.  This waiting thing is not left to just us as I know that many other cruisers also have challenges similar if not exactly the same.  We are in Phoenix at a friends house and how nice it is! Big showers,no need to check water levels in the tanks, run the generator, the working on elimination of sticky notes are just a few of the tasks in the attic of my mind put away like the halloween decorations.  Our people at west marine are frantically tracking down the order that we are waiting on with the hope of having it Tuesday am ready for us.  I know some of you people out there are asking, why are we in Phoenix waiting on boat parts for an Ocean going vessel?  A land locked city and state and we are “shocked” that we dont have our stuff? Unreasonable for sure!

Our Boat is getting some attention from the workers in the yard  in San Carlos Mexico with sandblasting and a large sander.  I am getting better at disk golf on the playstation in Phoenix  but still have yet to win a round against Sakari (11 yrs old on Tuesday).  Keeping up on my painting skills at the local pottery painting store, Kimi, Sakari and I had a fun time.  I have been to Missouri to visit with family and now back and waiting for the west marine order that was once scheduled for delivery last week.

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