San Carlos – Trevor’s Post

San Carlos is a place on the map I was hesitant to stop at. Kimi and I canceled our plans to haul out here this last September and on our way from Isla Partida to get to our next major destination of Mazatlan there was San Carlos.  Now its been about a month and a week and I think we might be a bit to comfterble here.  Maybe Kimi will fill you in on the social side of “here” and I, the Boat. FLO (slow flight) was in the yard and I started sanding the bottem of the boat to get ready to repaint and finding the dust extremely itchy i thought to my self…. maybe the yard can do this sanding stuff.  So a simple sand and re coat is now a major hull resurfacing and this is where we are now. Today we get a  work schedule from them and are currently scheduled to be put in the water on the 3rd of December. I have taken off the rudder and with the help of Alan at the local marine supply store (Star Marine) we are getting the hinge part of it working as it should. Next is to make a list of the rest of my fixes and additions I must accomplish in the next 10 days.  I do keep getting distracted, gazing out into the sea. The drive to get Flo out there with us on her is growing and a plan is coming together.

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