San Carlos- We are STILL here….The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good – STILL having a great time here in San Carlos with old friends and meeting new ones!

Dinner out with new and old friends: Me, Maryalice (SV Norte Isle), Heidi (SV Due West), Liz (SV Espirito)
The guys: Rick (SV Norte Isle), Kirk (SV Due West), Chris (SV Espirito), Trevor, Don (SV Windcharmer)
The Gang out to dinner at Sunset Grill in Algodones bay. This restaurant had sand floors, LPs for placemats, great ambience, fun night had by all!
Trevor swinging waiting for photos to be taken

Another Korean? In Mexico? – SV Kenta Anae (Merle, Alison, Chandro, Matero), Trevor and I ventured out for dinner and try to find a said “Korean” restaurant in Guaymas….low and behold we found it!sc_korean-restaurant-in-san-carlos

Please feel free to judge but I was SHOCKED to see the owner I asked him if I could take a photo with him.


I have not seen another asian person, let alone a Korean person since we left California.  He did not speak english but we managed to talk a little.  I think he was also happy to see another “of his kind” as we were showered with Lobster and fresh watermelon at our table.


I have to say though….the menu was not “Korean food”, rather a more familiar fish tacos…but it was the “best-worst Korean” food I have ever had.

I tried the ramen, the most Asian dish they had…it was better than Top Ramen I have to say! Trevor got shrimp tacos…figures : )

We all left full and happy with many “Gracias” exchanged.  The owner handed ME a bag of large fresh shrimp as we were leaving..I guess that Asian things still works in Mexico…I am so glad for it!

Chandro, Matero, Merle, Alison, Trevor, Owner guy, Me

Markets, Carwash, Errands, Guard Dog? – Rich from SV Child set anchor in San Carlos soon after we got back from Arizona.  We have been enjoying getting things done in Guaymas with him.

Butcher at the Friday Guaymas market
Alley ways of clothes, shoes, backpacks, food, hats, fabrics, guitars, etc….at the Friday Guaymas market
Vendors on the main street (Serdan) in downtown Guaymas. This lady was selling nuts and dried fruit…..she let me try some and it was AMAZING! Rich in the red/white stripe shirt and Trevor’s shoulder in red
Getting Bill’s car washed….We got stuck behind a truck. For some reason this guy left his truck at the end of the drive through car wash and we couldn’t get past him, nor the 10 other cars behind us…Trevor was getting a bit irritated.
Luis Herandez metal shop where we are getting a stainless steel bracket for our new wind turbine…hopefully. It has taken a month of driving to this place and checking on it…we are in Mexico!
This photo was taken right outside the metal shop. The puppy was so cute just lying on the car while his “human” was working on a house close by. Trevor got up closer to get a photo of this cute dog and….the bark on this guy made Trevor and I both back up real quick….Note to self: Dogs in Mexico are much different than what we are use to.

The Bad – Don’t get me wrong….I am thankful and grateful for where we are and the life we are living….but I catch myself feeling irritable, anxious, restless, and isolated since we left the boat in the yard to be worked on. It’s hard to explain but in essence, being on land for over a month, and with a trip to the states to visit my dad coming up before we get the boat back in the water, is the longest time I have been off a boat in almost 7 years.  Most of you might think the amenities on land (laundry, TV, internet, great cell service, all the water you need, don’t have to worry about how much power you are using) would counter these said feelings but honestly it is making me a little crazy!

I have worked hard to build the little confidence I have living and operating a boat but now it just seems like a dream I had once.  I think women in general have a harder time building this type of confidence as I beleive sailing is still very much a “man’s” world meaning the strength it takes to work on the engines, pulling in the lines, really a myriad of things.  I know it will “come back” to me, but it still feels like I have taken 2 steps backwards.

Being sick didn’t help (see below) and additionally, it has been hard to watch good friends leave port and not knowing if you’ll see then again.  Also hard to explain but you connect with certain people out here in a much more intense fashion.  I don’t know exactly why this is, maybe because we share the same way of life, or maybe because we all belong to a community that could save your life if you needed it….or just need help. People tell me to get use to it…I am working on it!

The Ugly – As mentioned in a previous post, I got sick in Arizona last month and returned to Mexico with a nasty cough.  Thanks to Leonora who assisted me to get to the doctor, I have had 3 rounds of antibiotics: 2 rounds in pill form and 1 round of 5 shots in the bum!  I have taken 4 other medications to help with either allergies, bronchial and phlegm, and cough syrup to help me cough up stuff.  Poor Trevor who had to administer the shots…he actually said he was scared to do it the first time…ekkks!  I was to as he has never done this before but it all worked out, minus the fact that I am VERY aware of the injection sites, even to this day!

My X-rays. The white stuff is phlegm, you can see my left lung has LOTS of stuff in it.
This shot you had to extract the liquid from the plastic thing with the needle and inject it into the glass bottle filled with a white powder. Then shake it up and suck into the needle once more and then into my bum…..Ouch!

RIP Antony Paul  – You might remember us posting about our friends Debbie and Paul, who we met in La Paz just 5 months ago.  Well, Paul passed away just a few days ago from cancer.  For me, it was not the length of time we knew him, it is more about the the role they played in our life here in Mexico and our “cruiser” lifestyle.  Debbie and Paul embraced us as soon as we got to La Paz: showed us around, took us out with them for day trips, dinner, shopping trips, and genuinely talked to us about their experience and about life.  This was the first experience we encountered within the “cruisers” community and it has shaped how we interact and giveback to our community and beyond!

Paul, I know we have shared only a short time together but your impact has been great! We connected like we knew each other for some time. I am so grateful! I will hold close the fond memories and know you will be ALWAYS special to me! Peace be with you.

Debbie and Paul


  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend, Kimi. Also surprised the boat is out of the water so long. Thinking of how thankful we are to read your adventures. Happy holidays. Love your costumes, by the way. Hope you send some photos my way of you and Trevor in them. I LOVE that you are enjoying your life and adventures!

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