Happy New Year from Puerto Vallarta!!!

Right after Trevor’s dad and Betti left the boat to catch their bus back to home in Mazatlan, Trevor and I had about 4 hours to turn the boat over for our next visitors!!!!!


Long, long time ago in a galaxy far far away….. (sorry I am having a challenge starting this blog post)….there were 5 girls who attended the same grad school at UW.  All but 1 lady made it to PV to come and visit TRevor and I to bring in the New Year….but we added 1 spouse. Rachael and Chris, Caitlin and Sari all took off time from work (Anum….still disappointed…with love) to visit us for a week.  We had a staggered arrival some planned and some not (Sari arrived a day late due to her foreign passport and not being able to check in to the flight online….those Finnish people always causing trouble).

Words can’t express how much fun we had:

Dinner waiting for Sari to arrive
Caitlin with her HUGE margarita
Lunch at a crazy Cool Cuban place on the Maleco in PV
Swingning entertainers….these are the native indians
Iguana…these guys, big and small were all over the place!


We went to Los Arcos, about 9 miles from PV.  Most everyone hadn’t snorkeled before but after a short lesson everyone seemed to get the hang of it and was off seeing fish, a turtle, and a ray.  We had lunch and a smorgas board for happy hour.

We also decided to visit La Cruz for New Years Eve.  La Cruz, we heard, had an incredible vantage point to see all the fireworks across the entire Banderas bay and in deed it did.  We enjoyed a nice dinner at Octopus Gardens and our server was from Oregon but moved to Mexico as a teenager.  We proceeds to a bonfire on the beach and meet a few cruiser friends.  Feeling a bit sober…we found ourselves at Chris’s FAVORITE margarita place (he only had 1 margherita there but swore it was the best he had ever had!!!)  We listened to live music and did a short jig on the dance floor.

NYE dinner at Octopus Garden
Drinks and dancing right before fireworks
The “almost’ midnight kiss
Fireworks across Banderas Bay
Sailing from La Cruz back to PV…we saw dolphins at the bow.

After the NYE…we decided to take a trip to a local town, Yelapa.  Yelapa is only accessible by boat.  The town is owned collectively and is not owned by any “private” person.  This is a very tourist attraction.  It has a wonderful walk to a waterfall and is known for it’s local “moonshine” and for it’s homemade pies.  We tried BOTH!

From left to right: Chris, Sari, Rachael, Caitlin, and me…this is a selfie so I had to hold my drink in my teeth : )
This was a snorkeling portion of the trip out to Yelapa. That is our tour boat loading everyone on board.
We just landed in the bay at Yelapa. All the boats here charter here. The smaller pangas taxi visitors from the tour boats to shore. The surf was rough due to the steep shore and most of us got wet.
Sari up front with a beer in her hands and Caitlin behind…this is our “wad” rather than “walk” to the waterfall. We walked though town and saw all the local vendors….they made out with us!
On the “wade” down back from the waterfall, this dog just followed me…even swam across the little river. We were super impressed
Sari and I were approached by the “iguana man’….. he wanted to take our photo with the iguana for a little dinero…why not!
On the boat ride back, Chris and Rachael enjoying the free drinks aboard!!!!

Rachael and Chris left and we had 1 more day with Sari and Caitlin and we thought we would get a bit more travel under our belts so we took the bus to a little surf town called Sayulita.

Streets of Sauylita
The beach at Sauyulita..there was a surfing side and a swimming side…the surf was rough but we enjoyed every moment of it!
Margaritas and nachos near the square in Sauylita…before we boarded the bus
So we took the bus back at about 8pm…this was clearly the time all the locals took the bus home too! The bus was packed so I gave up my seat for this mother and her her baby who made goo-goo eyes at Trevor the entire bus ride!

It had been a fantastic week!!!  We are so happy to share our boat life with you ladies (and gentleman) and we are honored that you all took out the time and resources to come and visit us in Mexico!  I love you all : )

p.s. Rachael, still waiting on the photos from the Yelapa cruise : )


  1. Hello Trevor and Kimmie,

    We met you with Claudia at L’Recife Pool, Vida del Mar, and we are so looking forward to following you on your voyage. Please let us know when you leave Manzanillo so that we may follow.

    Via con Dios, amigos.

    Susan and Dick O’Leary (and sister, Nancy)

    1. Hola Susan,

      It was so great to met you all and I loved all the questions you had for Trevor : )

      We are currently in La Cruz preparing our boat for the Pacific crossing. So glad you connected with us!

      Best regards,
      Slow Flight

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