Mr. Boo (our feathered crew member) and our visit with Trevor’s Mom and step-dad, Claudia and Bill

Trevor’s Mom and step-dad, Claudia and Bill, arrived in Santiago Bay, just 140 miles south east from Puerto Vallarta, around the first of January to vacation for 2 months.   So we did a small rest up in La Cruz and soon headed out to visit with them.

La Cruz to Chamela is about a 100 miles which translates into an overnight sail for Slow Flight, and us. Headed South from La Cruz, there is a point named Cabo Corrientes…which means “confused seas” and we were warned that the wind and current wraps around this point at speeds greater than what is predicted on weather sites.  We were advised to go out at least 5 miles to round this point for a safe passage.

We left mid-afternoon to catch some of the wind in Banderas Bay and out and around the point.  We hit about 22 knots of wind and going down wind (the wind is at our back) we were seeing GPS speeds up to 8.5 knots!  To say the least….we actually sailed all but 2 hours of the 20 hours it took us to arrive at Chamela (this is a good thing).

BUT…..we had an extra crew member on board.  This Brown Footed Boobie joined us on our aft deck at about 8pm.  He stood there until 8am the next morning, swaying back and forth…occasionally waking up to POOP.   Mr. Boo even stayed on board when Trevor and I had to change our sail patterns for the night at about 10pm…there was a lot of noise and walking around him to adjust sails and lines. He basically just stood there and watched us, then tucked his head back under his wing to sleep. I missed when he finally flew away…for the next 24 hours I would look at where he stood and expected to see him there….funny how little things get stuck in your head and heart.

In the morning, we watched him clean his feathers just before he flew away.
Mr. Boo was standing a foot away from us…it was so cool to see wildlife this close and personal : )

A few day trips from Chamela to Tenacita, we arrived at Barra de Navidad.  Entering the lagoon in Barra where the anchorage is at, Trevor and I FINALLY joined the elite club of “running aground”  TWICE!!!  There is a very narrow, shallow, and unmarked channel into the lagoon and after being slightly embarrassed for providing the morning’s entertainment by ping ponging down the channel, we heard that many people do this…especially when the navigator (that is me) fails to plot the provided waypoints from our cruising guide (lesson learned).  No biggie, it’s a mud covered sand bottom so no damage was done.

See the super skinny passage way in white with sand bars on either side? Yes we hit both sand bars! I hit the first one and then Trevor hit the other one backing out of my original hit.

Santiago Bay is just another 25 miles….we got a phone call from Claudia that Bill wants to join us on the sail down.

Bill arriving on a “taxi aquatico” that runs people between the marina, the town, and the lagoon. Both workers and tourist take the water taxi for 30 pesos round trip per person. Trevor and I like to use it as it supports the locals and we don’t have to drop our dinghy and motor. that a cargo ship in the rocks?
Why I think it is….
Hurricane Patricia did some real damage to the area. This Cargo ship lost power during the hurricane and drifted into the rock round the southern point of the Barra de Navidad bay.
Bill and Kimi taking in the rays at the bow of the boat under way to Santiago Bay

Once we arrived in Santiago Bay, it was a non-stop visit with Claudia and Bill!   They had a car and drove us to all kinds of neat places and we got to share in their community and we pretty much ate our way through town.

The view of the Pacific Ocean from Bill and Claudia’s condo….it’s like a screen saver…it’s that perfect!
Inside view of the condo main living area….with Trevor on the couch
Bill and Trevor sitting at the condo pool swim up bar during a Vita del Mar margarita party
The pool at Vita del Mar, the condo
Here is a panoramic photo of the view from the pool…I tried but it didn’t come out that great but you get the picture!
Found this guy in our dinghy one morning! Each morning we would pull our dinghy up to a local palapa. When we first arrived, Trevor talked to the owner to see if we could leave our dinghy near his place. He welcomed us and of course had us put it under surveillance cameras he had. We tried to eat and drink there each day to show our appreciation as he would not accept payment for this service.

DId I mention that we ate alot!

The local bakery in Santiago
At the bakery, this guy would put the dough (see the bench full of loaves) in this brink oven with a long stick and platform. He did with such speed and we waited for the fresh bread to come out to purchase.
Cafe Bean had the BEST coffee EVER!!!! Better than Starbucks….We often came here for breakfast and coffee, especially on Wednesday’s when the cleaning lady was at the condo.
In Santiago Bay, there was a cute hotel/restaurant on the beach named “Oasis”. We had happy hour here and even attended a bocce ball tournament with silent auction, proceeds went to local charities. One of our severs had to do a photo bomb…Love it!
Oasis restuarnat on the beach
Bocce ball tournament at the Oasis…Trevor and I didn’t play
Every Tuesday, the residents of Vida (the condos) people would join to eat pizza in the street. We joined and as it turns out the Americans were at one end of the table and the Canadians were at the other…. Special and silly moments here: Trevor scared off a local dog who scurried under the gate of his home across the street from the restaurant. And I got a lesson on Tai kwan dao from Emily, an 8 year old girl who was the daughter of the restaurant owner.
Dinner at the local palapa where Trevor and I would keep our dinghy on the beach. I was so impressed Trevor tried this “especial” that was recommended to me; A seafood stew with out the octopus.
Claudia and Bill came to visit us in Barra de Navidad where there was a spectacular resort, The Grand Bay. We snuck in for lunch one day.
Bellies full in the atrium of the Grand Bay resort
Well, we should of brought our suits to the Grand Bay resort…this was at the 10th floor pool, nobody was there say for 2 other people…breathtaking views of Barra de Navidad bay and the marina.

We took Slow Flight out for a quick fishing trip around the bay.

FIshing trip on Slow Flight…Bill and his salt water fly rod…who knew?
Claudia and Trevor on the fishing trip (more like a 2 hour tour, but who’s judging?)

Road trip to Tenacatita and Cuantecomste –

Tenacatita beach with Mandy, the standard poodle and Bill in the back ground
Bill enjoying a coconut with dinner at the cute town of Cuantecomste
The boardwalk on the beach at Cuantecomste

Road trip to La Manzailla -I have never been fond of zoos but we had to visit the crocodile sanctuary.  I have never seen these reptiles in real life….and of course not less than a foot beneath you!

My what big teeth you have…..
The lagoon that is supposedly “gated” so the crocodiles don;t get out….I failed to see the gates
This guy just swimming…slowly… was kinda of eerie
Trevor on the suspension bridge….the place was relatively well kept up…I would assume by nature they have pretty good motivation to keep things accident free.
They breed the crocodiles here too so we were able to look in several “areas” that had different sized crocodiles…these guys were the babies
I love Bills sense of humor!!!!

Sailing trip with friends –

We love you both soooooo much and had such a great time exploring….Thank you so much for all that you do : )

The bridge we crossed each day to hang out with mom and Bill. Note that we new it was just a matter of time before the rusty bridge collapsed so we crossed gingerly. After we left we got the update that collaps it did only 4 days latter.

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