It’s Official – We are signed up and joined the Pacific Puddle Jump

Well, as most of you know, Trevor and I are planning to cross the Pacific Ocean in a few months and have decided to join the official/unofficial “fleet”, Pacific Puddle Jump (aka PPJ).

We are currently in La Cruz, Mexico near Puerto Vallarta and have been busy getting Flo ready for our passage:

  • Ordering parts/pieces,
  • replacing lines and rigging,
  • dentist visits,
  • attending seminars,
  • meeting other boats in the fleet,
  • interviewing potential crew members,
  • filing taxes (hopefully),
  • renewing all important insurances and services we need,
  • double checking our satellite capabilities,
  • researching all the South Pacific countries for customs and immigration fees and restrictions,
  • charts and Google Earth images downloaded,
  • adding hydro-generator
  • adding solar panels
  • upgrading all repair kits
  • upgrading our medical supplies on board
  • inventory of all spare parts
  • applying for visas
  • Lots of upholstery jobs: dinghy chaps, fuel tank covers, cushions  re-stitched, sail covers re-stitched,
  • Back up sails cut and sewn
  • provisioning…… will take at least a week but will happen later.
  • and more that we don’t know about yet….

Special Thank you to Phil and Tammera Dinkins, Jan Augustin, Hannah and Dave Anderson/Geruox for gathering all of our parts/pieces needed for our passage and bringing them down to Mexico!!!!   Could not have done it without you all.

Trevor all tied up….taking line to get spliced at the Toda Vela, our local marine chandler
Guerillmo, our upholstery guy….we gave him our dinghy to measure for chaps to be made.
So we have dinghy wheels and Trevor and I had to roll the dinghy back and forth from the Marina to town and back….we got the strangest looks from the locals but mostly smiles and laughs…..we were happy to provide the entertainment ; )





  1. Wow!!! This beyond exciting . With all the supplies you are taking will Miss Slow Flight float. What is the first port of call? How is your french. Dad

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