The Dinkin’s Family visit

We took a break preparing Slow Flight for her Pacific crossing to entertain our friends, Phil and Tammera Dinkins, and their son Theo a few weeks ago.  These guys made a huge contribution to us as they gathered and traveled with precious cargo for “Flo” for her undertaking to cross the Pacific.  They also organized meeting with my mother to obtain my renewed driver’s license and my longtime friend, Jan, to bring some US cash to us.  We owe a big Thank You to everyone who had to participate in our shenanigans to bring parts/pieces down South for us!

Puerto Vallarta part 1 — Trevor and I took “Flo” to the PV marina to pick up the Dinkin’s.  We hung there for the night after a pizza dinner (Theo slept though it but I ate his cheese pieces for him).  The next morning we headed for La Cruz for a more kid and cruiser friendly environment.

I did however put Theo to work…that’s what kids are for right?

La Cruz part 1— Phil and Tammera still have their company to run via wifi and we hung out here for a few days to get acquainted with the town and possibly meet up with other cruiser kids : )   Trevor and I attended a weather seminar one afternoon.  We had dinner at a fancy restaurant and we all ate like royalty!!! I seriously can’t remember being that full in my life.

So Trevor, Theo and I went for a walk around the Marina jetty. There were coconut trees and Theo desperately wanted one. SO…Trevor lifted him up almost above his head so that Theo could twist off a coconut. We decided to put a face on the coconut and call him the honorary “Jeff Wilson”…another boat neighbor we had in Seattle and a great friend of Phil and Tammera’s who was not there but maybe should have been as we all did things together back in Seattle. Miss you Jeff!!!! BTW: Trevor thought it was a good idea to send Jeff this photo.  Sorry Mom and Dad for the incriminating photo of your son.

Highlight for us was the impromptu gathering by the pool at the marina.  Theo had a play date at the pool and we sat in the shade drinking margaritas from the bar upstairs.  Soon our friend Jeff on SV Ewa (who lost his iPad that day) came over to chat, then Phil from SV Terripan, then Darrel from SV Wiz was there, and Stephen from SV Jabaroo II came over.  It was a gaggle of people, most of us planning to cross the pacific this year, others we had meet along the way.  The best part was that it happened organically and really showed the true essence of the cruising community: a little shop talk or discussions of what happened today with a beer in your hand.  It was well after 8pm when we realized we needed to eat dinner so off to town to eat burritos/tacos at the “red chairs/brown chairs” where you can eat for about 60 pesos ($3-4 usd).

The marina has a small pool and Theo had some Lego and pool time with another kid from SV Dakota.  They even traded Legos which we were all impressed with.

The boys walking down the street in La Cruz

Theo and Dad (Phil) sitting at the bow of Slow Flight on our trip from PV to La Cruz.

Isla Jalbemta — After being at the dock and work taken care of…we all headed off to Isla Jalbemta.  Theo got a little sea sick but after getting it “out of his system”, literally…he was GREAT!!!  We saw so many cool things: Whales and turtles but unfortunately we don’t have a photo or video of the coolest ever…..We hooked a MARLIN! This guy jumped into the air with a huge display…Trevor was worried he would run out of line and loose the pole but the marlin freed himself….it was probably a good thing.  Theo and i decided to snorkle around the boat…it was his first time in the ocean for a snorkel (he’s been in a pool otherwise).

Trevor caught a Skipjack Tuna….His first one!  We had tuna for dinner: Breaded fried and served with rice….It was delicious!
I was less excited as the boys were but it seems the tuna had a healthy diet of squid (yukkkk)
Phil at the helm : )

Chamela — We decided to go a little further north to a more protected bay called “Chamela”.  Chamela is where Trevor and I swamped the dinghy when we were there a few months ago with Trevor’s Dad and Step-mom, Larry and Betti.  We knew the Dinkin’s would love this place…and they did : )  Theo made friends with Isaiah from SV Raireva, along with parents Marek and Helen (she’s asian!!!!! it was so cool to chat with her!)

Trevor and Tammera taking Theo for a “spin”
It took him a few moments to get the hang of it but by the looks of it here…he is having a blast!
So Trevor and Tammera took Theo to shore with a Home Depot bucket and a shovel…Yes you guessed it….Sand Castles!!! Trevor said he shoveled at least 4 yards of sand…he was beat.
Trevor ACTUALLY putting on sunscreen for our hike to a volcanic crater. Theo is appropriately photo bombing (love that guy)
I know there is a scientific name for this…..I have no idea what these are called but it is basically shells or sea life that have fossilized in these rocks on the beach shore
We had to walk through “private property” to get there…it was a fancy pants place.
Panoramic photo of the volcanic crater
We ran..literally into a herd of goats with the shepherd and his 3 dogs
The view of Chamela Bay from the hike to the volcanic crater. You can see Slow Flight…the boat to the left.
I had a stroke of art in me on the walk at the beach… I won’t quit my day job…wait I don’t have one : )
We see this plant everywhere and I finally got a photo of it. The pink is a stark contrast to the greens and browns of the land
This 4-legged furry friend was actually son bathing at a palapa restaurant where we all had lunch and a cool beverage after the hike.
Theo and Isaiah eating their lunch being “hungry”
From left to right and front to back” Helen, Trevor, Phil, Tammera, Marek Isaiah, Theo and Kimi

La Cruz  part 2— We headed back the 45 miles back to La Cruz after an awesome time at Chamela.   Back to the land of cell service and internet, we all did a little work.

This military helicopter flew over the marina…we have never seen these guys before but it was cool to see their presence.

Well some of us worked a little…Trevor had a different idea of work. He called this dehydration/rehydration work.

Dinner out…Theo was watching the owner cook his pizza in the fire.

Puerto Vallarta part 2 with the grand parents — Oddly enough, it turned out that Tammera’s parents, Larry and Sharon, were vacationing in PV the same time so they wanted to spent some time with Theo here in Mexico.  We meet them in PV and had a great dinner on the beach.  Theo then stayed with them while the “adults” took a cab back to La Cruz.  The next day the “adults” took the boat from La Cruz and sailed (no engine) a bit around the bay and just relaxed!  We landed in PV marina just before dinner.  Theo and GP’s took a pirate cruise and we all met up to see the street parade in celebration of Carnival…aka Mardi Gras.  To say the least…the parade was really all for Theo but I think Tammera and I had the most fun dancing on the dividers between the restaurant and the sidewalk, margaritas in hand (love ya lady!)

Ironic….the US Coast Guard at the dock in PV marina
These little birds landed on our lines when we were entering and leaving PV marina….it made me sing “Three little birds” in my head.

Theo and Trevor posing their good sides on the streets of PV

Yes, this is cantaloupe ice cream in a frozen cantaloupe…..yummmm
Parade time!
The men hanging out while the ladies enjoy the parade and margaritas in hand
Theo got ice cream!!! In his other hand is “Jeff Wilson” the coconut.
The parade just got started and this guy fell asleep in the restaurant….poor guy was pooped after a fun day with pirates.


Phil, Tammera, and Theo….It was a good 9 days together and so good to see you all and to share our world with you.  We hope to see you all out here cruising with all these fantastic people and adventures (with A/C…right Phil?).  It was amazing to see how Theo is growing up to be such an incredible boy and his interactions with us and the other cruisers.  We can’t wait to hear the good news that you all have untied the lines for good….

Love you guys!!!

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