La Cruz….the cruisers oasis for work…..and play!!!

Work-life Balance…..isn’t that people tell you we all need?  Well, this rule isn’t just for suits!  Here are a few photos of the fun we have had thus far in La Cruz and this wonderful cruising community!

Valentin’es day photo
Valentine’s day dinner with these guys from SV Ingenium and SV Due West
Valentine’s Day- Heidi’s husband couldn’t be there due to medical emergencies but he was there in spirit via the iPhone
Valentine’sDay – We went all out! a whole red snapper with rice, veggies, sauces and tortillas!
Sushi Making – went to a seminar on how to make sushi from a local restaurant. The trick is to mix the rice with rice wine vinegar to make it sticky…never knew?
Sushi making – end product
Nancy from SV Shakedown taking her turn rolling a fat one : )
At the La Cruz marina, they have movie night once a week. We finally made it to one with beer and dinner in hand, wind in our hair, it was great!
Trevor surprised me with a couples massage one day. This place was super nice and clean and RELAXING!
Lots of local music in La Cruz…almost every night there is a different venue. This band featured this amazing woman and the drummer is a sailor on SV Riki Tiki Tavi
The La Cruz Kid’s Club had a beach sleep over so we were invited to hang with “the Parents night out”. This lady just walked by with her husband and just sat down with us. He is from Canada and her secret power is spoon playing!
“the parents night out” – Jeff on SV Iwa getting a little freaking with the Spoon playing Canadian….. (do you have a sister)
“the parents night out” – The gang; SV Terripan – Amie and Phil SV Beach Flea – Lisa and Greg SV Mee Too – Chad and Josie SV Iwa – Jeff the token single guy SV Slow Flight- that’s us – the token no kid on aboard boat
“the parents night out” – we just couldn;t stop at dinner so we headed to Octopus Garden to wrap up the night. Trevor and I headed home about 1;30am…the rest of them went home about 3:30 am. Mind you their kids called them on the radio after the beach sleep over at 7:30 am (ekkks)

Pacific Puddle Jump Send Off Party – look for us in the next months issue of Latitude 38 magazine.  They interviewed us and took photos.

We attended the official Latitude 38 magazine Pacific Puddle Jumpers send off party at Vallarta Yacht Club.

This month issue features the PPJ.  Our new boat card and a beer of course
Deb on SV Coastal Drifter who is also “jumping” this year organized T-shirts for most of the fleet. You can see Slow Flight there : )
We received a burdge, a flag, for the PPJ from Latitude 38. We will fly it when we leave Mexico.  Our first flag!

We are feeling excited and the fun is by far not over yet!!!!

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