To crew or not to crew….

Just a quick update….  We finally decided that we will be making the crossing just the 2 of us.  Many of you knew we were looking for potential crew and we interviewed 4 people.  Unfortunately none were the fit we were looking for to share our space and adventure.  Additionally, we had tried to convince a fellow cruiser we met in La Paz last year to join us as well and we almost had him but he can’t make it either.

Don’t fret, Trevor and I have been over multiple scenarios and asked ourselves over and over again if we are comfortable with making the passage by ourselves…and we are.  Many people do a solo or couple crossing and we have prepared “Flo” and ourselves for this.  Yes we will be tired and yes it will be challenging but I think this is what we signed up for and is part what we are looking forward to…if it was easy, everyone would be doing it ; )

We are still working out the kinks of how to communicate with us while we are out of range of cell service and internet but I will have a post later of how to get in touch and how we will post our position (Lat/long) so you can track us….if you want to.

“Just the two of us…”



  1. Awesome! Thinking about about you two as you embark on this special journey. Your knowledge, wisdom and continence will see you through. So excited to track your journey. You will be in our thoughts and prayers!

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