Can you hear me now? Can you see us now? How to get a hold of us via Satellite and track our boat

WOW…..We are getting ready leave Mexico so I thought I would get this out now, a little late.  There is going to be a lot of information here but I will try to make it short and concise.

EMERGENCIES:  Phil and Tammera Dinkins (our old boat neighbors in Seattle) are our designated emergency contacts for the USCG, Iridium, FCC, and EPIRB.  They have graciously accepted to track us and be aware of our position in case we need extraordinary help underway.  They will have phone numbers and email address for family members to get in touch with if anything is needed.  It made sense for someone who is savvy with nautical and sailing experience to help navigate any deployment of services from the authorities.

Phone calls to us via Satellite phone second stage calling:

  1. Call 1-480-768-2500
  2. The prompt will then ask you to enter in the satelite phone number you are trying to reach which is: 8816 2244 8345
  3. It will take some time to connect so be patient.
  4. NOTE: We have to have our phone turned ON and CONNECTED to be able to receive calls so if we don’t answer…one of the 2 requirements have not happened.

Text messages:

  1. Bookmark the following URL:
  2. Enter in our Satellite phone number : 8816 2244 8345
  3. Enter in your email address
  4. Type max 160 character text message
  5. Click “I’m not a robot” button
  6. Send


  1. Email us at:
    • NOTE: Our usual email addresses still work but we won’t have access to them while underway.  Please use the above email address to get in touch with us until further notice.  We can’t download photos or videos, FYI.
  2. NOTE: We love to hear from you but request that this email address stay with friends and family only… checking email will be slow and digging through spam is not exactly what we want to do    ; )

Tracking our position – There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Farkwar:
    • Sign up for an account
    • Search for boat name “Slow Flight”
    • Click/slide on the “Follow SV Slow Flight”
    • You can get emails when we post our position to Farkwar…hopefully once a day.
  2. FaceBook:
    • I will be able to post out position in a Latitude and Longitude format. It will post on Kimi Willison’s (unfortunately not Trevor Donnelly’s FB page due to limitations of the website) FaceBook feed or home page.  There is also a link you can click to see a map of where we are.
  3.  Iridium:
    • If you would like for us to send you our position directly to your email without logging into another site, email me at to be added to a list of recipients to receive our position through our Iridium Go! satellite.
      • Note: I have set up a Gmail ( account to forward to your individual emails.  I have to add you.  Once I have added your email, Gmail will send you a link to confirm you allow this function.  If you haven’t confirmed this, you won’t get the email from our Iridium
        • Please don’t respond to the emails sent to you from as you will be sending it to everyone on the recipients list. This “position” Gmail account is to only facilitate our positioning via Satellite.  If you want to email us for correspondence, please use  THANK YOU : )

Love and Hugs to you all!

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