Ready, set, go……!

So the time has come…..Trevor and I are South Pacific bound tomorrow am.  We are feeling good and surprisingly calm despite the running around we have been doing for days, if not weeks.  I can’t even begin to explain all the things we have been up to but hopefully these photos give a slice of reality for us here.

Flo got a new lok inside. We purchased these rugs to give her a more homey feel. Trevor cut the rugs to fit the soul of the boat and then we had the edges lines by our fantastic canvas guy.
Trevor checking out if his DIY hooka works on our dive tanks.


We rented a car to do all the provisioning we needed. We first did all of the non-perishable purchases. This photo is one of maybe 5 runs to Costco.
Trevor bought 12 cases of beer…just in case. We generally don;t drink underway but I think we have a new rule…1 beer a day : )
Kirk and Heidi aboard SV Due West, who we have been sailing with since we arrived in Mexico, offered to let us take over their kitchen in ther apartment where Kirk is recovering from a stroke here in PV. It ended up being a party: SV Ingenium, SV Juniper, SV Jabaroo II all joined in at different times of the day to get together while Trevor and I cooked and frozen meals for our 20-30 day sail.
Here is a photo of their freezer when we were finished cooking. We had such a great time and thank you all those who were there helping and hanging out. Meals included: Meatloaf, pork for fried rice, lots of chicken breasts we can add to any meal, avocado, sauteed onions, butter chicken, chicken chow mein, BBQ ribs. I also vacuumed sealed dry ingredients for brownies, PB cookies, english muffin bread, mystery cookie bars (Diana…thanks to you all of these recipes are still a huge hit!!!!)

Checking out of Mexico

We first had to present all of our paperwork days in advance to get an appointment to “officially” check out of the country. I am in front of the Port Captain in Nuevo Vallarta.  I made Trevor shave…out of respect : )
The next step was to cancel out TIP (Temporary import for the boat). For mexico, you can have your TIP for 10 years and bring your boat in/out of Mexico without paying an import tax…but since we don’t plan on coming back into Mexico for a while and we have heard it is hard to sell your boat if the boat still has a TIP in Mexico, we thought we better cancel it now. We can always re-enter the country and pay again. 10 years is just a long time for us to have any foresight on and if we needed to sell “Flo” (we don’t plan on it) we could do it with less hassle at least.
At our appointment to “offically check out of the country, Immigration and customs had to board our boat. We took Flo from La Cruz to Nuevo Vallarta where the Port Captain is and cleared with flying colors….really lots of talking between the officials in spanish while Trevor and I sat quietly. I offered them cookies…no takers. These guys are the immigration and port captain representative that boarded our boat.

Saying “See you on the other side” to our fellow Pacific Puddle Jump Fleet

SV Fandango left a week ago Captain Ian, Elizabeth,and Brad
Selfie with SV Fandango: Elizabeth and Brad and me ; )
SV Beach Flea-left 4 days ago Captain Greg, wife Lisa, Abby, and Luke with crew…I think Greg’s friend
SV Mee Too-left 4 days ago Captain Clayton, wife Jill, and daughter

The dock every time one of the fleet members leaves. This is SV Mee Too

SV Shakedown-left yesterday Captain Hal and wife Nancy

Can’t wait to share our new experiences with you all….unfortunately a blog post may not be for another month but keep in touch with us…we would love to get emails in the middle of the ocean!

Hugs and love to you all and the next time you hear from us Trevor and I will be “Shellback”…..I am thinking about getting a tattoo (my first)….I will have plenty of time to think of a design : )


  1. You guys are READY! I know you are, and you are going to have a GRAND adventure! Love you, and can’t wait to hear from you on the other side!

  2. You know, if you drop that unnecessary coffee and creamer you can make room for another 6-pack!! 🙂 Trever, Kimi; just got the scoop about your incredible, totally sick, adventure you two are about to do! Both of you are packing some serious cajones… along with all the beer and jerky. I’m thrilled to be another peeping Tom on your blog. Can’t wait to see more! I wish the absolutely best to both of you! Kelvin…

  3. Hey , awesome guys .
    Please post a plotted map of the course you are sailing for the first month
    So everyone can see where you are at each stage -exciting times -whoooo.
    Jp &lp xx

  4. Hi Trevor and Kimi,
    Congratulations we heard you made it.
    We’ve been tracking sv Shakedown and would like to know if they are ok. If you have any info please let us know. Will look forward to hearing from you. SV Shearwater and we are in BaraNavida. Sincerely Pati & Eric Krilanovich

    1. Shakedown is moving forward and getting closer to the islands almost every day. There humor is alive and well but they have yet to get the main engine running. The generator and the water maker was good the last time we herd.

      1. Thank you for your information about sv Shakedown. We have been tracking them everyday also and have been in contact with them. Have a great adventure. Pati & Eric svShearwater

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