Moorea-Sister island to Tahiti- The fast and furious

We headed to Moorea, a short 15 miles away from Tahiti, on the PPJ rendezvou sailing rally with 30 other boats. Unfortunately there was little wind and only a few actually sailed the entire way…We on Slow Flight turned on the “steal” sail to get our crew back in time to catch the ferry back to Tahiti.

We had 3 crew members…the first for Slow Flight.  They were locals who worked at a resort/hotel but just wanted to tag along for the ride. One was a professional photographer ; )

We only stayed in Moorea for 4 days but it was jammed pack with activities from the Pacific Puddle Jump Rendezvous.

Who said white guys can’t dance? (Lol)
It’s like weightlifting….bananas are heavy!
This might sum up how the day was…a table full of empty beers….New Zealand marina rep, Bill on SV Music, and Fiji rep.
Greg on SV Beach Flea getting a lesson on how to tie a sarong, man style : )
They organized a Va’a race for all of us to participate in. Trevor’s team won and went to the semi-finals.  You can see Slow Flight in the background anchored out in the bay.
My team was head to head with our friends but lost at the last moment….it was seriously hard work!
Liz, Abbey, and Briley blew up these floaty sharks…all the local kids were in LOVE! They paddledout to watch the Va’a races from the water
More dancing…. lots of different performances and BEAUTIFUL outfits! (I love this woman’s tattoo as well….the women and men all had tattoos and all very different)
The men also wore extravagant outfits, just amazing to see…not to mention what’s underneath : 0
At night after dinner, more performances, this time they brought FIRE! This woman is twirling fire balls!
Men spinning fire on sticks…
More FIRE!!! it was mesmerizing

Scooter trip – There were many of us who have not seen each other since Mexico and it was so wonderful to re-connect with everyone again.  Some of us took the day and rented scooters to tour the island of Moorea.  There were 13 scooters and trying to keep us all together was a challenge.  But we all made it to the lookout!

The PPJ scooter crew. Moorea is shaped like a “W” and you can see here both bays on each side of us. It was so fun to “ride” with these guys
Scooters parked after the huge group split up after lunch.
Moorea is know for it’s pineapple…..we eat and bought it in huge quantities. This guys we passed on the scooter adventure was fitting for the island
Fancy resort on Moorea…it is like the brochures you see.
We stopped at an archaeological site where these platforms have been erected as meeting places, possibly for human sacrifice….we don’t know


Go Pro selfie on our scooter : )

Next island we visited is Huahine….Dive classes!

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