Trevor’s 45th Birthday Fiji Style!

Trevor gets to share his 45th birthday with Fiji! What a treat : 0

Trevor’s birthday just happened to be on Fiji Day, their independance day.  Timo, the yard manager who we became fast friends with, suggested we do a BBQ with him and his family with some other cruisers who were on the hard.  So it made sense to do a big party for Fiji day and Trevor’s birthday…a birthday party for Fiji and Trevor…how convenient!  Even though Trevor spent the day helping another boat wiring up an inverter, I still think he had a great time!

Trevor was presented with a present from SV Me Too (thank you Jill, Clay, and Briley) of a Fiji Flag Lavalava! How fitting…literally : ) Trevor “requested” Kamakazis to drink for his birthday so Nicole (SV All Day) and I squeezed limes, mixed vodka and triple sec in a big pitcher for all of us to enjoy! I made him wear the Burgerking Crown….
The BBQ area…complete with ballons on dental floss-totally cruiser style decorating! Here is the gang hanging out waiting for the food to cook.
Timo (right BBQ) is cooking up sliced potatoes and freshly caught Wahoo. Kimi (left BBQ) screwing up BBQ ribs, chicken and hot dogs….. I think I was vetoed from the BBQ later : )
Dinner time! What a spread we had….AND even better there were no left overs as we had about 17 people present.
We all purchased some fireworks to light off…here is Timo’s youngest daughter with a sparkler. At first she was a bit unsure about holding it but then she came around and we think she loved it
Fireworks on the reef! funny story: Timo (thank goodness it was him) lit a set off on the reef….the wind must of made it tip sideways as the next thing we all knew were fireworks shooting at us and going towards the boats..I am pretty sure one went off inside someone’s cockpit….opps!
Briley 9SV Me Too) watching a “cone” firework….
We all were super impressed with the fireworks we bought, they were big and colorful…we had no idea/expectation of how this would go but all were delightfully suprpised.
Speaking of fireworks…..Timo thought we should put a candle on Trevor’s cake…. good idea? Funny story: We had the “4” and”5″ candles sitting by the cake…..but in order of “5” and “4” so Timo and his daughters thought it was Trevor’s 54th birthday…so when we all sang him happy birthday, Timo yelled out “54th birthday”….I guess Trevor’s 54th birthday better be a good one  too: )


Ok maybe not a good idea?!  Can you see Timo ducking?  
Everyone was fine…and so was the cake! My dad’s favorite cake is the Pineapple Upsidedown cake…so in honor of him, as his birthday is 3 days after Trevor’s on the 13th of October, we made Trevor one. Love you dad! Miss you and we hope you had a great birthday too!
After dinner we all hung out and cleaned up. Timo brought some entertainment…he would catch these little guys (Nicole on SV All Day did too) and would set them on the table…he even tried to feed them some cake..they didn’t go for it but it was fun to watch. These guys are actually poisonous so you needed to wash your hands after touching them…
I think he had a great time (after a few drinks and a full belly)….. I love you Trevor and hope you had a great birthday regardless that you worked all day and our boat was on the hard….. We made the best of it as we do….Happy 45th Birthday!


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