Musket Cove- A short break after the boat yard

After the boat yard, we decided to head over to see another slice of Fiji…Musket Cove.  Musket cove is in the Mamanuca Islands group, also where the movie Castaway was filmed.

Musket Cove is on the large island of Malolo. There is a Castaway Island here but it’s not where the movie was filmed…the movie was actually filmed on Modriki Island
We wanted to anchor off of Modriki island and watch the movie…but weather didn’t permit us to do so as the anchorage there is unprotected. But we watched the movie anyways : )

Musket cove was the perfect place to rest and relax from the work we had accomplished at Vuda Point boat yard.  We met up with Me Too and their guest, Kania, SV Te Poe Rava (Kristy and Dan), and SV Wilhelm (Ann-Helen and Halvard from Norway).  

View of the anchorage from Te Poe Rava where we invited ourselves over to dinner on their boat (to my credit they were repairing their dinghy so I thought I would suggest a happy hour on their boat since they couldn’t get to land….well here I go crashing parties again!)
View of the anchorage when we came in. You can see the reef surrounding the anchorage…just be careful not to hit “All Day Reef” (lol-sorry SV All Day, Vlad and Nicole, had to do it)
Lots of airtraffic but this Sea plane reminded me so much of Seattle….made me miss home!
Beach off the bar…I saw a sea snake swim by my feet while I was wading here at night…eekkkss!
Loved how these guys roll….we were sitting in our cockpit and I had to take a photo of the floaties….
SV Wilhelm (Ann-Helen and Halvard from Norway) and their dinghy “Donkey”…. about a 5 foot dinghy with 2.3 outboard on it … it’s so CUTE!

We ate a lot! – there was a sand floor bar looking out to the anchorage where you could bring your food and cook it yourself for only $1 usd…they provided plates and silverware so no dishes really!  We all would meet up here occasionally to share meals and to get off the boat.  Opps…don’t be like Kimi and Trevor who brought gin and tonic makings the first time we went to the BBQ…. the bar is supposed to provide the drinks for the evening.  However…we did bring bags of wine the next time we came and purchased a glass but refilled our glasses, incognito.   I know it’s not supporting the local business but feeling a bit broke from the yard expenses…we do what we must!

The shack was the bar with really nice folks working there. Picnic tables all around and surrounded by the sea and beach…. not a bad dinner spot
They even had this little fire pit which we have yet to use but plan to do so soon
Role reversal- The boys (Trevor, Dan on Te Poe Rava, and Halvard on SV Wilhelm) in the “kitchen”grilling/cooking……
Role reversal- while the girls (Kristy-Te Pe Rava, Ann-Helen on SV Wilhelm, and me) drank beer at the dinner table…. it was a good night
We ate so well!!!!
OMG…I am full just looking at it!
Opps…pre-cooking rice, Trevor did…think he has enough?
The gang…SV Me Too, SV Te Poe Rava, SV Wilhelm, and Slow Flight

Chilling and relaxing was easy to do.  Musket cove had a saltwater pool and a swim up bar…and Kristy and Ann-Helen would teach yoga, all with music and bells too, on a few occasions…. how lucky are we to get yoga out here!

Saltwater pool and bar….we float!
View from the saltwater pool
Kristy (SV Te Poe Rava) taught a yoga class for all the girls…and Trevor : )  She plans to teach yoga when she returns to the States for the cyclone season….Professional yoga teachers generally don’t swear…but this one did (LOL- “put the money in the third eye”)

We thought we would go snorkeling and diving…we did once but the coral was not that great inside the reef but we still got to see some wildlife.

Big turtle by our boat
This little guy we found in our boat….Friend or foe? I thought we should of kept it to eat the mosquitoes and other bugs we may have (still no cockroaches on Slow Flight, knock, knock, knock). Trevor disagreed with me.

We did accomplish a little bit of work: Trevor planning our generator fix in Auckland New Zealand and I with all the paperwork for our arrival to New Zealand (customs and visas).  It was nice to just sit on the boat and get some things sorted out, even though we weren’t out doing activities, it’s good to have a few days of boat time.

It’s offical, Trevor Donnelly is a member of the Musket Cove Yacht Club!  We had heard from a seminar we attended back in Mexico that if we ever came here to sign up for a membership (LIFETIME!).  Our presenter at the time (Dietmar) told us he presented that to a CA yacht club and received reciprocity without having to pay the CA (expensive) membership dues….we only paid $5 usd for our membership at Musket Cove! We’ll have to try it out when we return to the states : )

Up next….sailing school lunch, “see you later” to Te Poe Rava (Kristy), and preparing for our passage to New Zealand.


  1. Looks awesome guys
    If you get time you should go to naumotu and Tavarua islands very small but the water out there is really nice good diving and snorkeling.

    1. Yeah…we heard about this place but unfortunately we won’t have time to go that far east…headed South : ) to you

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