Te Poe Rava recap- We miss you already! A see you later to Kristy…Dan we still have time with you ; )

In La Cruz Mexico…casting off their line!

We helped untie the line for Te Poe Rava back in La Cruz Mexico as they were our boat neighbors for a bit.  It was fitting that we got to see Kristy off back to the states in Port Denarau, Fiji.  Dan and Kristy plan to leave their boat in FIji for the cyclone season so we won’t be seeing them for a bit…but maybe in New Zealand?!  We hope to plan a hike somewhere in New Zealand, February?

It’s been so much fun hangin with these guys and I just wanted to post a recap of our time together.

Kristy and Dan do scuba adventures and have their own business. They travel to exotic places and plan dive trips for guests…what a job!

So having scuba instructors in our back pockets…… Kristy and Dan were the ones who certified Trevor back in Huahine, French Polynesia. 

Trevor doing a little underwater yoga : )
Trevor and Briley showing off thier skills

We later let up with Te Poe Rave in Mopelia, French Polynesia….. We all loved it so much there we all stayed much longer than we all anticipated.

Our dive to 90 feet…saw a manta ray and a turtle!
Trevor going for a dive with Krist and Dan, and Briley.
We all snorkeled the Seaddler…a privateer sailing vessel that wrecked on Mopelia almost 100 years to date when we dove on the wreck (August 2, 1817).
Dan did a lot of spear fishing and shared his catch with us all.  Here are all the sharks we encountered while Dan was cleaning the fish off Te Poe Rava
They just keep coming

Dan and Kristy took a few passengers to Mopelia and were invited to a feast for bringing family members home.  We were tag a longs…so glad for friends with connections…right?!

Before dinner photo…just kidding…these guys were on a line…like a leash.
 BBQ crab and lobster
Trevor and Kristy checking out tomorrow’s dinner?
Dan and Kristy with their passengers they brought to Mopelia….they had a local brew here made out of potato and watermelon…it packed a punch for sure!

Kristy will be teaching yoga while she stays in the states.  So we also had a yoga instructor!!!  She would prepare an entire lesson, accompanied with music and yoga chimes….Lucky us!

Our last hoorah was in Musket Cove Fiji where we shared many evening sharing food and good drinks.  We all even got to do a short scuba too!

Dinner on Te Poe Rava…we invited ourselves over for dinner…..to my defense…they just repaired their dinghy so we thought we would bring the party to their boat : )
A swim in the salt water pool
Girls drinking beer while…..
….. they guys were in the “kitchen”
Group photo our the musket cove gang!

Trevor and I met Kristy and Dan at Port Denarau (power was out for a few hours) where Kristy was to take a cab to the Nadi airport.  We shared a few drinks…moved on to sushi (Kristy’s request)…and then she was off!  It all happened so fast I forgot to take a photo!

We’ll miss ya lady and can’t wait to hear how the states are treating you (keep in touch)…Dan we will see you back at Musket Cove for some Halloween fun!



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