Boo – Halloween at Musket Cove

Well the whole gang is here…new and old friends at Musket Cove to celebrate Halloween.  Let’s just say the kids may have outnumbered the adults.  Everyone participated, for the most part, and some of the costumes were HILARIOUS!  Not many photos to share….it maybe due to how much fun I was having!

The kids group photo…..Truly amazed at their imagination and creativity….remember we don’t have Walmarts or stores to go shopping at….just what ever materials we have on the boats : )


From left to right: Aimee (SV Terrapin), I actually don’t know who the next person is, Jeff and Miriam (SV Enough)
SV Me Too – Arghhhh!
SV Del Viento – Love the Mona Lisa!
SV Terrapin – Hello Mr. President!

We all enjoyed a BBQ dinner potluck style and afterwards the kids played freeze tag while the parents chatted it up about you know…boat stuff ; )  It was getting to be “cruisers midnight” (that’s about 9 pm) so the party was starting to disperse…however….there were a few boats who decided to kick it up on SV Te Poe Rava (Thanks Dan for having us all over…until 2 am!)

The old crew from American Samoa…SV Terrapin (Amiee and Phil), SV Me Too (Jill and Clay), SV Te Poe Rava (Dan and his friend Mike who flew in a few days ago to Fiji- Kristy, Dan’s wife, went back to the states) and us. A few more cocktails, beers, and wine…good music which we probably kept up the “neighborhood” in true Barnacle Fleet Style!

Thanks Musket Cove cruising gang for making this Halloween so memorable!

Our recycled costumes from our Arizona Trip a year ago! Danielle, look familiar?

Up next…waiting for the “perfect” weather window…..


  1. The “I don’t know who the next person is …” is Alex from SV Pesto :-)!
    How could you possibly not recognize him? (hahaha)
    Such a fun day!
    Looking forward to seeing you again in NZ!

    1. many apologies Alex….. we met so many new faces in Musket Cove and I am horrible with names! Thanks for clarifying : ) Hope to see you soon!

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