Clay’s Birthday…Love you man!

SV Me Too arrived in Opua on Saturday November 18th.  Clay’s Birthday was on November 20th…what a birthday gift!

We all rented a car and headed to a nearby town to celebrate his birthday.  He decided on BBQ after the mexican restaurant was closed (darn them).  We had ribs (2 for 1 special) and lots of beer… Jack Daniel shots for the birthday boy and multiple games of pool.

The Birthday Boy!!!!
Combo shot!
SV Me Too (Briley, Clay and Jill)
Trevor running the table…again… he still has skill….look at that FACE?!
The face didn’t help : ( Epic fail!
We asked these nice folks if they would take a photo of all of us…many adult beverages in…we didn’t notice they took a selfie until NOW!!!! Hilarious

Clay, hope your birthday was one to remember for the rest of your life….we certainly enjoyed celebrating with you!

The gang!


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