Thanksgiving in New Zealand…cruiser style

I already posted on Facebook but I wanted to recapture it here on the blog….


The Opua Cruising Club held a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner…American Style. For $30/pp we enjoyed great food and great company…plus it would be hard to cook a turkey on the boat : )
Pre dinner adult beverages….. our view from the OCC looking out to the moorings and anchorage. We are currently on the dock but you can’t beat the wonderful view here.
Our cruising “family” in essence….. the place was packed and we all enjoyed chatting it up and talking about our passages and our future cruising plans.
Our tables looked more like a Fourth of July event…but whatever….
The Buffet!!!!
Yummmmm….went for seconds too!
We were treated to a wonderful all women’s choir who plans to sing in St. Louis, Missouri next year for a competition…they were REALLY good…we thought how appropriate : )

SV Me Too and Slow Flight…notice the long pants and long sleeves…it’s cold here compared to the tropics…we don;t care at this point..just glad to be here!HAPPY TURKEY DAY 2017!!!!


p.s.  Here we were in wonderful San Carlos, Mexico for Turkey day 2016!


  1. I thought I texted you.. We just celebrated our 20th year anniversary and went out to eat and saw pretty trees will send a photo tomorrow.. Today we had 8 folks come in for lunch then went to the Christmas parade… Your dad did not want to go to parade..he likes his afternoon naps.. We go to dr urologist on a Monday to talk about the enlarged prostrate .. Then regular dr on afternoon for INR. Good news’s is he is actually going through books n giving n selling some. So great! He is on more meds for a cough. N the prostrate n it infection.. but still can go out 3 to 4 x a week.. So all is well even though he did fall out of chaitmrcthe other night n not call anyone.. Wendy’s boyfriend was here and could help get him back into chair…lots of love. Enjoy reading all about your experience s. Thanks so much…Enjoy! Did u get message about my cousin who live there in Wellington?…?Hugs to you both….

    1. I did get your message about your cousin and will contact her as soon as we know what our plans are in the next few months. Sounds like things are not getting much better…we truly hope to see you all sooner than later but under good circumstances. We miss you so much and give hugs to Elisa, Wendy, and Ben… the kiddos too : )

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