E-Dock (aka E-hood) and our neighbors

” I make really loud barking and burping sounds throughout the day”

After we purchased Slow Flight, we had her docked on dock A at Ventura Isla Marina. However, after closing up business in Seattle, we returned to her covered in bird poop even after securing bird deterrents on our boat (a plastic owl and hawk up our masts).  Do I need to say more… we wanted to move to a different slip. So we did!

Ironically, our old slip at Elliott Bay Marina in Seattle was on Dock E (aka E-hood. A quick shout out to all our Seattle boat neighbors: Phil, Tammera, and their son Theo, Martha and Eric, and Jeff) and we find ourselves back to this part of the alphabet, free of bird poop….mostly.  We find our selves in good and familiar company with our neighbor Wendy and Bill on their 50 ft. Valiant, custom built for them with their home port of Seattle WA.  Bill has kindly walked me through the Bolen knot many times and we enjoy conversing when we see each other.  Here in Ventura, there in a nice community of liveaboards on E dock but we get the sense “dock parties” don’t happen as often as the ones we conducted back in Seattle (aka “Board meetings”).  This event would entail 3-5 boats all outside our boats with a beverage of choice just chatting up local news, fishing stories, crabbing, or even an outdoor fire pit (don’t tell the marina).  But maybe Trevor and I are still the newbies and if we are here long enough will have to start a new tradition on THIS dock, but it will never replace our E-hood gang and the incredible memories created just feet from our boats!

Miss you all.

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