How to get a hold of us via satellite

We have an Iridium Go! satellite “puck” that will allow us to stay in touch and access the internet to receive weather reports that are crucial for our safety.  This “puck” connects with our phones, iPad, and laptop with a satellite to receive text messages, emails, weather reports, and even Facebook.  With that said, the speed will be incredibly slow so all the weather, messaging, emails, and websites have to be compressed and photos and images non-existent.

We have spent the better of 2 days setting everything up and doing trials so we hope it all works. Our plan right enables us to have unlimited text and unlimited data.  We only have 100 or so hours of phone time.   Below are instructions to text, call, or email us.

How People can Call/SMS/ Email your Iridium GO!

  1. Phone Calls:  Dial “+” then Iridium GO! number (e.g +8816-2244-8345). This is an international call and will be billed to the caller at their long distance rate by their telephone service provider.
  2. Free SMS messages:  (up to 160 characters) can be sent to your Iridium phone number from  This is the most popular way to send SMS messages to an Iridium GO.  (this must be from a computer and not a cell phone to be free of charge):

Iridium messaging filled out

  • Enter the our satellite phone number: 881622448345
  • Enter in your email address. This way we can respond to your text and you will receive an email and it will look like this (be sure to check your junk folder as it may be there until you make it “safe”):
  • Email response from Iridium
  • Then type your message
  • Then check the box “I’m not a robot”
  • Send message


3. Texting from cell phone: Alternatively, people can text from their mobile phone at the international text rate (+8816-2244-8345). Please check your mobile provider does allow International text messages to be delivered.

4. Email:  Drop us an email at and we can respond back.  The email from our Iridium email will have Trevor Donnelly attached to it as it is registered under his name, just an FYI.

Please note we have to be “online” to receive your texted so if there is a delay in response, don’t freak out! We haven’t yet established when we will “connect”, maybe daily, so please be patient with us.

Additionally, I will update this specific post if anything changes to the instructions or if we find out something works out better/easier.

If you want to do a trial run with us just let us know : )



  1. Thank You for the information. It is a bummer I am so far behind in reading these. Yesterday, I used Trevor’s old phone number to text him Happy Birthday wishes. P.S.: the person who now has that number was nice enough to text back!

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