Crossing the Sea of Cortez-Isla Partida to Isla Tiburon to San Carlos….and Wingwoman?

It was time to leave the beautiful Isla Partida and continue on our adventure.  Trevor and I decided to cross the Sea of Cortez to the mainland side of Mexico on October 12th.

The red line is our path to cross the Sea of Cortez-Isla Partida to Isla Tiburon to San Carlos -
The red line is our path to cross the Sea of Cortez-Isla Partida to Isla Tiburon to San Carlos

We arrived at Isla Tiburon right before sunset after a 40 miles sail/motor and anchored safely.  The next day we had a 74 mile passage from Isla Tiburon to San Pedro and needed to leave really early in the morning so we called it an early night.  The trip was pretty great with lots of wind on a beam reach and downwind sailing!  We saw 3 Orca whales, lots of “walls of tuna” that looked like the sea was boiling.  They seemed to be crossing the Sea of Cortez as well (we didn’t catch any though).  But we did catch a Sierra!!!

Ummm. Dinner!

San Perdo was wonderful and different.  We anchored in the bay where the beach was mostly little pebbles rather than sand.  The sound of the waves on the pebble beach rather than sand and it was so different than we have heard here in Mexico and our time on the Baja…it was refreshing.  Also, the land changed from mountains to more rolling hills with palm trees and more greenery.  AND..the crickets!!!!

The next day we motored to Bahia Algodones only about 15 miles away from San Pedro and 6 miles from San Carlos where we planned to stay for some boat work.  Algodones Bay was a significantly different place than we have seen….Civilization!!!!

Bahia Algodones with the Tetakawi mountain
Oh no!!!! Kimi found a puppy at the Soggy Peso Bar…I had to hold her!


Wingwoman – While Trevor and I were finishing up our bucket of beer, we met 2 guys next to us who were in town for business.  To make a long story short, we hit it off and hung out with these guys for another round of buckets of beer…FOR EACH OF US (translation error)! Needless to say, we were feeling pretty good.  Some of you will be able to visualize this…..I played “wingwoman” for Doug with 4 ladies from Arizona celebrating birthdays.  My opening line was “do any of you know which star that is?” It worked like a charm…..Doug spent the good deal of time with them.  Needless to say Doug and I are now Facebook friend!

As you can imagine, the next morning was slow going.  We motored to San Carlos, just 6 miles away to find our friends Due West (Heidi and Kirk) and Ingenium (Boni and Jon) in the bay as well.

San Carlos Bay looking out to the super moon

The next few days Trevor and I scheduled our boat to be hauled out, walked to town, and did some socializing!

Aboard Due West playing a friendly game of Cards Against Humanity we celebrated Jon’s 60th Birthday with Don and Lisa (SV Wind Charmer), Viv and Scott (SV Juniper), Kirk and Heidi (Due West)
Vivian and Scott (SV Juniper) over for dinner on Slow Flight
Scott the Bartender…making seriously delicious drink for all of us from their bar they brought over….complete with martini shaker and muddler!!!!
Bussed to Guaymas, just 17 miles from San Carlos, to go to the Wednesday market. The market is like a large garage sale and farmers market in one. Here is a guy selling watermelons.

Well it was our time to get hauled out of the water and put into the work yard.  Let the work begin!!!!!img_0502 img_0511 img_0512

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