La Cruz….. the cruisers oasis for work….

Well it’s that time…Trevor has officially caved up into work mode. Here’s a peek at what we have done thus far:

Flo got new stainless steel! We replaced the aft life lines to accommodate the additional solar panels and other safety equipment.

Another view
They welded the existing pieces to the new and it looks pretty good!
We scheduled this work before we had company and low and behold they came when they said they would, stayed until 7pm and was done the next day. It was all about $800 usd and for the fact we didn’t have to hassle anyone to finish or show up was well worth the pesos : )

We had Mike with PV Sailing, North Sails give our rig a tune.  We had already identified that our forestay was way too lose and our mast lacked a positive bend to it (I won’t get into details…but the mast needs to bend a little towards the back of the boat to keep the mast from falling forward when the main sail is full). It turns out our mizzen mast stays were installed backwards and we replaced toggles and pins and washers that showed aging.  The good news was that all of the standing rigging had not seized up, meaning they could take it apart without using serious equipment.  This means we are doing the maintenance in time and not too late…..I think.

Plate where a toggle showed evidence of a small crack. Took pin out and cleaned the plate up.
“Da pin”
The cable the toggle attaches to. Lots of rust but we spifted her up.
Forestay and furling system for the jib. The plate and pin are from 2 different materials and reacts to one another. This just means that we need to keep an eye out for weathering before something fails.
Replaced pin and washers and cotter pins. All shiny and new
Riggers taking apart the shrouds for the mast. You only do one side at a time, otherwise your mast could fall down (good to know)
Riggers fixing the mizzen mast

Trevor of course had his own to do list.  We had Steve come over, the local diesel mechanic, to look at our engine pressure gauges and do a quick overall assessment of the engine.  He said that our perkins looked great and was super impressed how Trevor keeps all the hoses, clamps, strainers all clean…It was good to hear!

Trevor installing plugs for our outboard engine so it can hook up to the starter for the option to electrically start it.

And I have been SLOWLY working on my list …Trevor hates me right now ; )

Trevor, myself, Brad and Elizabeth from SV Fandango organized to copy paper charts for boats. We had 6 sets of 36 charts, It all cost about $4000 pesos which weighed about 45 lbs. We had to bus it to Puerto Vallarta, a 45 minutes ride, sort, and distribute….we made it fun by stopping off for lunch and the Beer Box at Marina Vallarta.

More work is in the process…..


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