More guests? Yup…..Hannah and Dave from Oylmpia

Text from Friends

  • Scott on SV Juniper: Hey are you guys going to the provisioning seminar this Friday?
  • Kimi: No actually we are in Puerto Vallarta waiting for our friends from WA to arrive.
  • Scott: You two should give a seminar on how to get friends to actually come visit!
  • Kimi: lol

Right after the Dinkins family left we had a day 1/2 to get the boat ready for Hannah and Dave to come aboard for a VERY short trip.  We of course talked them into bringing some supplies to us from the states….they got the green light and did not have to be inspected (thank goodness).

It’s like Christmas!!!!! (Trevor laying on all the stuff Hannah and Dave brought down for us)

We of course had to have an adult beverage before we headed out to dinner at the Marina and we topped it off with a drink at the top of the lighthouse.

Dinner…with lots of shots of tequila (ekkks) We ate like Royalty!
“El Faro” is the name of the little bar at the top of the this lighthouse. Trevor called it “el needle-o de spacao”
Dave and Kimi taking the stairs to the top of the lighthouse…..stairs are uneven, no backing but worth the trip up ; )
Trevor and Hannah inside the lighthouse

The next morning we left the PV marina and traveled about 8 miles to Los Arcos.  We all got into the water, had lunch and after we had a nice sail to La Cruz and saw lots of whale display.  Dave informed me that these displays, fin slapping and breaching at this time of year-it’s breeding season, the males are “fighting” for the female.  She is setting the pace and the males are following trying to out do the other males.  WOW..never knew and thanks to Dave I will never see the whales the same : )

Hannah at PV marina aboard Slow Flight
Ladies chilling
Dave taking the plunge like a PRO!
The boys are off to the rock caves for a snorkel

That evening we headed out to see the town of La Cruz and for dinner…. tacos at our favorite place, “Red chairs / Brown chairs” as the local cruisers call it.  Cheap tacos and bring your own beer…what else do you need?

The plaza in La Cruz. There is almost always a “center” of town called “la plaza”. They hold local celebrations here with live music and food sometimes.
Typical road in La Cruz and the PV area in general. Cobble stone with deep crevices where the sand/dirt has washed away. 
Kimi and Dave at Green Tomato for HH.
Feeling full and happy!!!

The next day we went to the Sunday market and did some shopping and munching.  We headed back to the back and just had a lazy day.  Dinner was on the boat after second HH of Guacamole and chips (first HH was fresh cheese and chimichurri with bread from the market).  Let’s just say we had 3 empty bottles of liquor at the end of the night.

Hannah and Dave at the Sunday market. I told them of this awesome juice stand….we didn’t really get what we ordered but the juice was still amazing!
Dinner on the boat: Meatloaf, salad, and baked potatoes with all the fixings. There could of been some alcohol consumed prior to this photo : )

On their last day of their visit Hannah and Dave helped us move “Flo” to the service dock in the morning.  We needed to move so that we could get some stainless steel work done the next day.  We headed out for lunch before we caught a cab.  Trevor and I were off to a Pacific Puddle Jump send off party at Vallarta Yacht club and Hannah and Dave off to the airport.

Kimi action photo.

Thank you Hannah and Dave for coming down South and those who took care of the kiddos to allow them to come to visit.  We so enjoyed our time with you both….it was so great to have both of your perspectives for Trevor and I!!!  We love you!

Photos courtesy of Hannah…..Thank you again..I never have photos of me so it’s a nice change…  I think  : )

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