Getting ready for the “Jump” at Marina La Cruz

We have been busy getting Slow Flight ready.  Here are a few things we have done in the last week:

Watt and Sea hydro generator

The before photo
The Watt and Sea hydro generator our of the box
Trevor working on placing and putting on the custom bracket on the transom. Notice we had to take off our hailing port and now are from “Olulu Hi.”
Bracket straight and installed
Watt and Sea installed on bracket. Pulley system to bring up the hydro generator when not in use.

More solar panels

We had replaced our aft lifelines to stainless steal to accommodate these solar panels. Trevor had all the parts and pieces to install and hook up to the charge controller.
Trevor made the panels be able to lay flat to get all the sun rays we can get. The panels can also stand vertically if need be.

Lots of canvas and fabrics

Meet our canvas guy. We kept him busy for a month straight: Dinghy chaps, fuel tank covers, re-covered cockpit cushions, re-stitch sail covers, Modified area rugs inside our boat. He said we were his best customers!!!! To boot, he was on time with everything with little hassle.
Dinghy chaps…we had to roll this bad boy into town for the fitting. What we love about these is that we had him sew in pockets full of sand on the inside of the chaps to hold the fabric down. He even custom sewn in the bungy cord around the outside.
He used all of the material and the polyester thread we provided him…though he added these leather reinforcements around all the holes to accommodate handles and D-rings
Fuel tank covers….there were 7 all together. The color is perfect and blends in with the wood we have on the toe rail. Trevor loves them!
We even had to bring a cover back and he fixed it right up with a handle lined with leather : )

More electrical

Trevor has been upgrading all of our lights to LED. The steaming and foredeck light was the last one!

Meanwhile we have been busy with smaller projects and a little socializing as well.  

This is our local chandlery…..we spent many hours and dollars here!
Tropical weather update….Mike from PV sailing has been puttin gon weather updates for us “Puddle Jumpers” to keep us up on the weather trends and educating (people like me) of what to look for and when the best conditions are to leave the Puerto Vallarta area.
Trevor as net controller for the FIRST time ever!!! Net controller is not as easy as you think as you have to keep track of everyone’s positions, conditions aboard, how many souls are on board…etc. Most all of the boats sailing to the South Pacific this year have an SSB radio and have the ability to hear each other over many hundreds of miles. All of us are responsible for checking in and relying for each other when we all get underway.
NO WAY!!!! We found the last owner of Slow Flight in La Cruz…..Marty. We had to see him and have him aboard to see all the changes we had made. It was great to see him and his new boat getting miles underneath them. He was happy to see us and “Flo” getting ready to do some serious sailing to the South Pacific.
Took a night off and hang at a block party with Elizabeth and Brad on SV Fandango. It was basically great live music with lots of Gringos!
Well, we couldn’t hold off any longer….it was time to rent a car to do our running around to save on time. We got a brand new car but found the “Snow’ button funny.
It’s Official, we are current Mexico Costco Members…..It will make a good keepsake if nothing else : ) By the way…I made Trevor order a whole pizza to take home for dinner…it was AMAZING and tasted like home!
Our marina neighbors, SV Te Poe Rava, which translates to “the black pearl” in polynesian. We had a great time helping them out and sending them off last week. We hope to see them again but on the other side!



  1. Everything is Looking awesome team. What is the departure date ? What is the schedule ?
    I tryed ringing Trevor the other day but it was the wrong number ?please send sat ph number.thx

  2. Wow! So much news, and time is so close to your “jumping off place.” Remember. ” Max sailed off over night and day and in and out of weeks, and back to the night of HIS VERY OWN ROOM.” /When you find Where The Wild Things Are, remember that home is where the heart is. We miss you guys. Safe travels and lots of fun while you are working as hard as you are.

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