The Island of Nuka Hiva

We did an overnight motor sail to Nuka Hiva from the north shore of Hiva Oa.  We traveled with SV Fandango and meet up in Controllers Bay on the SE corner of Nuka Hiva, about an 80 miles trip.

Controllers Bay– There was a great village down a small river which was incredibly muddy so we had to watch out for sand/mud bars and at one point we got caught on some rocks.

This is the river we went down and tied up to this dock. You can see all the river run off….
Fandango and us walking up to an archaeological site we read about in a cruising guide. The trail started in this guys back yard which he was not too pleased we took a wrong turn and he had to redirect us…oh well.
Sooooo….wearing Teva sandals on a mud hike is not advised! The mud gets in between your feet and shoes and makes hiking hard going. Barefoot was the only way to go to …it was WILD…. I had no idea what I was stepping on…
The archeological site we hiked to….lets just say the mosquitos were intense so we stayed about 15 mintues after a 500 meter hike up a mud hill
A tiki at the archaeological site. I liked this guy a lot!
Back in the bay….we saw the supply ship that visits all the islands and most villages with food and other supplies. This boat also acts as a cruise ship with many tourists aboard and they stay to visit the different villages from Papeete, Tahiti.
Ok, let me clarify…we heard the ancient tikis were made in a vision of the chief. This meant ALL parts of the body were presnet. We were told by freinds that they leardned on an island tour that when the missionaries came they “cut” off the “privates” of the tikis. Here we have a new tiki made for a newly organized Marquesan festival that happens every 4 years…they are embracing the traditional way of tikis with them fully endowed.

Anaho Bay, north side of Nuka Hiva

Arriving at Anaho Bay. We had heard this bay was like a bath tub. We wanted to hook up with about 5 other boats here and came here just for them. When we entered the bay, we saw no one….we thought they knew we were coming so they all left…really, they were tucked behind the land hook on the right…protected from the swell.
So when we arrived we were welcomed by a bunch of love. Let’s just mention here that I was at the helm, Trevor was on the bow….I was coming in really HOT and all of our friends hopped into their dinghy to warns us there was a reef were were headed to….. I looked up and thought”we don;t have a sail up”…then realized that they meant an actual reef underwater and turned abruptly! Let’s just say, after we set anchor we had 17 people on aboard. Beer for everyone starting at 11 am, we put together dinner…quickly and had a blast!
Kid shot! Part of the welcoming party.
Anaho Bay: SV Terrapin, SV Beach Flea, SV Me Too, SV Wiz, SV Cape D
We had a bonfire one night…we decided it would a “hillbilly Happy hour”..that’s a longer story why. Our freinds SV Cape D had an actual karaoke machine. They played a song just before we all left our boats for shore just to get the mood right : ) This French boat was pissed about it and was yelling….they were on the guest list but they were scratched off immediately.
Hill billy bon fire….SV Beach Flea brought laterns for the ids to light….I think the adults had more fun : ) It was low tide and I saw my first black tip shark…mind you it was a baby one stuck in the reef by the low tide but creepy to see in the dark with only a head lamp.
Our last day Trevor and I had a low key day of movies and PIZZA!!!!
Clay from SV Me Too found a great hike to a saddle back above the anchorage. He took about 12 of us up and we had a great hike. Here is the view from the saddle back…beautiful!

Taiohae bay- The main town on Nuka Hiva

A view of Slow Flight from the church
This church was incredible…the frist really established and well maintained church we have seen.
The dinghy tie up at the bay. There were tires we had to climb up. At low tide it was quite a scene watching everyone getting back into thier dinghys
A magasin (store) we called the red store. There was another magasin a block away with a blue sign we called the blue store. They had differnt stuff so you had to go to each store to get a complete idea of waht is avaiable.
A place we called “the green chairs”…a spin off from Mexico La Cruz where there were restaurants named “brown chairs/red chairs”. The green chairs was where you would get lunch and get free wifi.
During a hardware store visit…up a hill from town, I ran into these ladies. We traded makeup for fruit and we shared a smoke together.
Elizabeth from SV Fandango and I planned to get tattoos together when we got here. Thank goodness Liz was there with me!. Here she is getting inked up
Kimi getting tattooed!
The finished product. Half Turtle, half ray.
Trevor and Brad checking in with the girls…..
While the girls were getting tattoos, a lady, crew on the Oyster fleet, was locked out of her rented bungalow for 72 hours. Trevor and Brad broke into her place for her.
Trevor’s Tattoo
Swimming with Manta rays! I have video…it was an amazing expereince!
Rays must eat jelly fish because the bay was filled with them..including this one….
The Oyster fleet was welcomed at this bay with a traditional Marquesan festival. We sneaked onto one of the outriggers for a short ride and beat the male Oyster male team : )
Its not all sunshine and rainbows! This is what my arm, back, and legs look like….even with bug spray!!!!! Just to be real : )


  1. Those are a lot of bug bites! Seems like you’re enjoying yourself regardless. Love the tattoo. Karaoke machine on a boat? I love that idea!

  2. That’s what you get for being so sweet! (But the bug bites look absolutely awful!)

    Your trip looks amazing!

    We are glad you are doing so very well!!

    1. YES WE WILL BE IN YOUR HOME LAND BY THE 1ST OF NOVEMBER… We hope all is well…. thinking of you all each day…… Kimi needs to call you all! My words not hers…

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