Our 30 seconds of Fame-Latitude 38 Magazine Rendezvous in Moorea, the other side of the “Puddle”

Here is a link to the Latitude 38 magazine about the rendezvous for all the Puddle Jumpers who left either Mexico or Panama and made it to Moorea, Society Islands 16 miles from Tahiti for their party.  I will post more photos later : )



12th edition: 23-25 june 2017







  1. Hi Trevor,
    This is Brad’s mother. I am not sure who to warn about whom but I think you should know Brad could lead you astray. Also my request is don’t lead him astray, he does not need any new ideas.
    I heard that you are going diving and fishing together. I don’t think the danger is in diving and fishing, I fear the danger is in ‘together’. Oh, dear…

    1. Brad and i have “broken up”. And he has left his boating crew position so FOR NOW….. we will live to “Die” another day…. I do want to note Brad and i do live life as if all of it is ours to adventure through. As a note….. Do not let him fire his Spear gun out of the water….

      1. Thanks for the heads up, Trevor. I will hide the spear gun…won’t help, though. He will find it and the machete and the climbing ropes… Sigh….

        Keep on keeping on.

        Brad’s Mom

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