Green Lipped Mussels-the hunt is on!

It has been so awesome to have local knowledge at your fingertips…. Trevor and I are use to arriving to a new country and “fending for ourselves” and figuring out the local culture, foods, and necessities by trial and error!  But now we are being guided to “special” spots and included are the fun memories shared and the local stories and history.

Today was about green lipped mussels that are all over New Zealand.  The green lipped mussel industry produces over 140,000 tonnes annually and in 2009 was valued in excess of NZ$250 million.  It has been said green lipped mussel to also be a “super food” ….  used as a powder or extract, the University of Queensland’s School of Medicine said the clinical study confirmed significant relief for joint pain and also supports gut health and may act as a pre-biotic lowering bacteria levels in the gut.

Didn’t know but boy howdy…they were yummy!

The hike 

We parked and gathered our stuff….snorkel gear, towels, a few beers, and headed off to…..I had no idea where but didn’t care : )
Trevor and I thought this was a funny sign…
We walked barefoot through really fine sand..almost like mud…squishy
walked alongside a bay…it was cool to see a rope swing well maintained…. people here are incredible active!
So these guys are nesting right now…we didn’t know until…. they ATTACKED Jake and Trevor….. Though the little guy was super cute!
Just up a little hill…
and….voila! The beach
Just breath taking!

The hunt

So it took me 2 times to get over a small waterway as the current was HUGE! Trevor decided not to go and hung out with Lisa on the beach. My first attempt my snorkel kept getting water in it so I drifted way down…I looked up and they were on the beach standing and yelling at me where to go….they were worried… I think. But I made it, had to over compensate for the current and swim like a made woman..but it was worth it.
I see you!
Got cha!
Jake in action….
Doing a bit of cleaning….Jake got them all…I think I contributed 2 : )
The current was not any better coming back but jake and I just went for it…at least the current was pushing us into a bay and not out to sea! Honestly I was freezing in and out of the water…even though the water temperature was about 70ish… I am still not use to it. This has been the first time in the water for about month and a half.
It’s a thing here…people catch and grow their food here in New Zealand. We were well under the limit….

The dinner

Went back to the Pipe’s house for dinner, we brought BBQ ribs for the barbecue, Alice made a salad and Jake made the mussels his special way! This was the first time Pam has ever had BBQ ribs…we were delighted she liked them…there was no left overs : )

Thanks Jake for taking me mussel hunting…. it was a blast…and yummy too!

Jake’s special preparation is to steam them first then but them on the BBQ with a japanese mayonnaise (has to be a specific kind), salt and pepper, and green onions for garnish

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